November 29, 2007

First Published Piece....

The first project I completed for
Australian Papercraft 'magazine a couple of months ago is now featured in their current issue!
they sent me this gorgeous Swirl background (reversed) rubber stamp by Stamp-It,
and asked me to create something.... this is the card I made.
I used a dark blue ink on a lighter blue patterned scrap paper to create a dramatic looking sea little boat is rocking ...even the vintage girl looks petrified haha....I then layered the stamped paper onto 3 layers of cardstock, and added some chipboard swirls ....
Ive also done some ATCs for the magazine and so I'll post them when the issue comes out!

November 28, 2007

Illustration Friday - The Zoo

The Giraffe has to be my favourite animal...its so unique, very elegant and such a zoo favourite with everyone!

i wonder what it would feel like to pat?

for more Zoo illustrations click here

November 25, 2007

Little Peter the Pirate
turns 5!!

Happy Birthday my darling boy!! Love you lots!!!

Phewww....What a busy weekend!
yesterday we had not one, but TWO birthday parties for Peter...lucky boy!!!
a morning one with little friends and then a night time BBQ for the family. Today we were invited to a friend's baby's christening so Ive been going non-stop...its 7.38pm now and Andrew has tucked both boys in bed so Im off to put my feet up!

We also had federal elections yesterday and after 11.5 years we have a change in government...this is no way a political blog but lets just say Ive been doing a happy dance all day long....

November 23, 2007

My little Herd....

Have you seen all the beautiful softies everyone is making for the 'Softies for Mirabel, Christmas craft appeal'... ??
Such a great cause and a big thanks to Pip for organizing.

Sewing is not something I enjoy as im pretty crap at hard is it to sew a straight line? (it is... it is...) but I just had to contribute... so here are my (flatish...) elephants...down to Melbourne they go stomping....stomping

Here are two sweet images from a 1950's Vintage children's book called 'The Zoo'.... love the little children especially how they are dressed! too sweet.....

Some other exciting news...I won Flossy-p's thanksgiving raffle and the prize is a painting done by her!!! I get to choose the subject, mood, wonderful! What a fantastic prize!
Ive asked her to do something for the boy's room...cant wait - she is such a talented artist!!! you can see some of her artwork at her etsy shop

November 20, 2007

Vintage Prom Blogging Party.....

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters...Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.~W.H. Auden

Natasha Burns is hosting a Vintage Prom!

We call them 'formals' here in Australia and what a fun night it is....
Sweet memories ....beautiful fancy dresses, updo hairstyles, gossip in the ladies toilet, silk and lace, handsome boys, sparkles and pearls , pointy heels, camera's clicking, friends forever, sore toes from dancing, lipstick touch ups, feeling oh so grown up....

I love this champagne coloured dress, such pretty sleeves, my Clarins powder tucked neatly in my clutch, a spray of J'adore in all the places I long to be kissed, what jewels to wear?

Prom girl is wearing a ribboned silk number, how pretty does she look?
or maybe a pastel halter dress and a fancy updo....flirty eyes and pretty lips!

For more Prom night fun go visit all the girls and have fun.....!

* Top image from 'Allure' magazine, perfume, powder and jewelrey are mine hehee....
* Illustration 'Prom Girl' drawn by me
* bottom two images from Real Living magazine

November 19, 2007

Hot Air.....

Boy, has it been hot lately!!
Summer is definitely on its way....yeahhh!
I took the boys to the local pool yesterday for a play and they had such a great time,
which is fantastic as last year they were both very scared of the water (very un-Australian haha)
Peter is doing regular swimming lessons now and has a great teacher which has helped his confidence.

i also got a chance to go to the Signature Prints sale and was tempted by all the Florence Broadhurst prints beautiful!
I bought a pillow, and a wall paper remnant both with 'The Cranes' print - one of my favorites...I don't know what I'm going to do with the wallpaper...maybe frame some if it, craft with the rest, or just unroll and stare it at - stunning!!
I also got the book on Florence and funny enough the documentary 'Unfolding Florence' was on TV last night - very spooky coincidence - it was great! very honest, funny and inspiring!....

On Saturday I moved my vintage hot air balloon prints (all Ebay finds many years ago) to a smaller wall section in the formal living room
but we'll be moving them again as we plan to paint the whole house soon....cant wait! Im so sick of my interior wall colour! isnt it funny how something looked so right then but looks so wrong now....painting is a cheap way to redecorate -choosing a colour that suits is more of a challenge.

Some more vintage style Hot Air Balloons for inspiration!

* Card by EarMark
* Painting by One Peach a DAy
* Vintage images from Flickr - JerseyBarb85
* Soldered vintage style pendant by Jeweliansun

November 16, 2007

Illustration Friday - Scales

Mandy had cleaned her teeth, smoothed down her scales and was ready for her first day at the school of fish....

I dont know why but when I heard 'scales' I kept thinking of my Peter starts school next year!!! ohhh so exciting!

For more illustrations of 'Scales' click HERE

November 13, 2007

Getting Ready....

I think Im in life is going along nicely in my usual routine but all around me little signs of the festive season are starting to emerge...yesterday I had the pleasure of a day off work and after a doctors appointment and a yearly check up (ive been feeling very lethargic lately....poor me!) I headed off to the was Monday so I expected a pleasant couple of hours browsing, observing, ohhhing and ahhing over pretty things but it was busy busy busy.... hectic, tiring!!
People everywhere....on a Monday!!! surely they weren't doing Christmas shopping?
i know I know its just 6 weeks away...I always think Ive got plenty of time ahead but before I know it Im frantically baking mince pies, decorating the house and making sure I have carrots out for the reindeers....
This year I made the pledge to buy Handmade but I must admit Im only going to buy for those that appreciate it.....Etsy will be my saviour!
Not only is Christmas almost here, I have both my boys birthday's coming up, my nieces birthday and 10 days before Christmas day my sister and I are hosting a 60th birthday bash for my dad so thats planning dinner and a wild party for 50 guests....did I say I was lethargic?! Crazy is more like it....

Some pretty Christmas pictures to inspire - from Real Living magazine....

November 9, 2007

Love Etsy Love....
Such a busy week...I have so many blogs to read, emails to return, my computer is playing up and Ive been frantically trying to tidy up my craft room....I see beautiful pictures of neat and organised studios/craft spaces and it puts me to shame...mine is a real mess...a dumping ground for supplies and unfinished projects!
Its affecting my creativity big time! I have no idea where anything is nor do I have the urge to create which is bad as I have 2 Christmas swaps to complete by Monday!!
This weekend is devoted to decluttering!!
Ive started with sorting all my ribbons in large empty coffee jars!

Some Etsy buys that have made me happy recently...a few little treats just for me...a 5 heart necklace! I love it! so so pretty and
handmade by a cool NewZealand designer.

Some adorable retro paper goods by Ellia....thanks for the extra goodies sweetie!

and some gorgeous printed postcards of Vanessa's collage pieces! Im going to frame these and add to my girly wall....

A big thank you to Marianne for sending me a bundle of vintage black & white thoughtful! Love this kind blogging community!

Some fun Blog happenings - a 'Virtual Vintage Prom' hosted by the gorgeous and talented Melbourne artist
Natasha Burns - go have a look and note the 20th the blogging parties!!!

November 6, 2007

Illustration Friday - Hats

a hat for every occasion!
i love hats but only own two summer hats and couple of woollen winter hats - Im not really a hat kind of girl...although I do love admiring them on other woman!
This week's topic is perfect as today we had 'The Melbourne Cup' which always means a crazy display of hats at the racetrack!

for more HAT illustrations click here

November 4, 2007

After the Rain.....

Finally! the sun has decided to show its face...(where have you been?)
The past 3 days have been wet, windy and we've had lots of thunder and lightening too....
today started off dark and gray but quickly changed to such a warm and pleasant day.
Look at my garden!
it reminds me of a painting during the French impressionism era....
and the culprit?

my beautiful Jacaranda tends to drive me crazy every Spring as Im constantly sweeping up purple leaves!
lucky purple is one of my favorite shades.
Yesterday I went to the
PaperCraft festival and did a workshop with
Celine Navarro who came to Sydney all the way from France! We started a mini album using a clever technique for the cover and decorating it with gorgeous paper by
Rouge de Garance,
I'll have to show you once I complete it.
I was so good afterwards as i didn't go crazy spending big at all the tempting stalls but I did buy a few sheets of pretty paper! Lookie here - love pretty papers!

Have a FAB weekend everyone - we're off for a stroll and an ice-cream at the beach - might as well enjoy this warm day!
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