September 28, 2008

This is Me....showing Off!!
not much to show off actually so here are some of my latest thrifty finds...Vintage cotton Ric Rac - such pretty colours, just like gelato icecream! the font & packaging of these are cool!!
i also found some vintage floral wallpaper rolls on & cheerful!!
i think they'd look great on collages and cards...ive got some ideas swirling around in my head but im in a bit of creative slump lately-not good since I need to start planning for Lollishops
have you heard about it?
its a new online market place that will open towards the end of the year and Ive been accepted to sell on there (yeahhh!!! exciting!!)
You need to apply first as they want to maintain a specific market but if you make things & your style is full of sweetness or whimsy frou frou
then you can apply to sell there too!!
I still want to open an Etsy store too so im getting some things ready for that as well!
so thats me showing off ....a fun theme this week thanks to Katie
and thanks to Sharon for hosting!

September 26, 2008

Loving Fridays.....

Im off into town for a work course today but im looking forward to hanging out at
Borders bookstore and then enjoying an afternoon coffee afterwards....simple joys in life huh?!!
I shall leave you with some lovely 50's inspiration (from my Flickr favourites)! see you soon!
Top image from Vogue via Eleganceisrefusal
Middle image via Auroraaa
Bottom image from Home Beautiful via Mood Board

September 24, 2008

a week of Little Golden Books

Pip is hosting a week of Little Golden Books...this is a cute one that I have at home...

illustrated by Corinne Malvern

'Oh, its raining!', cried Peggy

so the girls play with dollies, the boys build blocks and mother in the kitchen (with apron on) makes bread-and-butter-and-brown sugar....What a splendid way to finish up a rainy afternoon!!

so cute!!

September 22, 2008

a Sunny Disposition!
im in love with this happy sunny home ( featured in last months Madison magazine...) its in the pretty Sydney suburb of RoseBay and they've done such a great job in building on such a narrow block!
the family room is so calm with all the soothing blue shades but its the sweet exterior that appeals to me the most!

the owner said she was inspired by the hit movie
'The Truman Show' ...what fun - a bit of seaside Florida in it!

I know that if I won the lottery tommorow Id grab a DVD copy of
'Something's Got to Give' ,run to a clever architect and say 'build me this home...please!!!'
have you seen the Hampton's home in that film?? Stunning!!
but there are SO many beautiful homes and interiors in movies...

*i loved Sheba's (Cate Blanchett) home in 'Notes on a Scandal'
* the old mansion in 'Atonement'...stunning rooms! (have you seen Dee's Briony doll yet? you must!!)
* the apartments in the ever so sweet film 'You've Got Mail' ...New York apartments always look good in movies dont you think? ...we all loved Carrie's apt in Sex & The City
and even Holly Golightly's apartment in Breakfast at Tiffany's was a fun place to party - the fire escape landing a perfect place to sit and sing Moon River....
so many gorgeous interior sets...

September 21, 2008

This is what I want to be when I grow up....
as a young girl I dreamt of being a teacher because I loved school so much...and all my teachers had been wonderful!!
i moved onto wanting to be an Air Hostess so i could travel to exotic locations....and to be independant!

but I was also into fashion so thought being a
Fashion Editor and stylist would be such a cool job!

I remember reading Diana Vreeland's biography and was totally absorbed!!
During my uni days I volunteered at a fashion magazine - the fashion shoots were the best, even having silly tasks like sticking masking tape under new (and expensive) shoes so the models dont ruin them was such a buzz to me!! haha...

No regrets...I just wish I had stuck to doing something a little more creative than number crunching...(this girl has my dream job!!)
but Im happy to be able to do part time finance work as well as find time for my creative hobbies and most importantly be there for my family....Peter has the biggest smile when im there to pick him up from school on my days off!

Im always keen to learn too so next month Ive booked in to do a Bookbinding course! cant wait!

thanks to Cindy for this week's theme and to Sharon for hosting!
* images found via Google images

September 20, 2008

A week of Baking....

it was a day of baking yesterday and Ive got a chicken pot pie in the oven as Im posting this so lets say its been a couple of days of baking....

I made Orange & Almond loaf
from an old issue of Real Living magazine
we've got plenty of oranges at home ... it turned out nice and moist

125grams butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup Self Raising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
3/4 cup almond meal
3 teaspoons orange zest
1/2 cup fresh orange juice
1 teaspoon vanilla

Happy Saturday everyone!!

September 19, 2008

Loving Fridays...

having a great day so far...been busy baking and giving my oven a workout as Pip is hosting a week of 'Vintage Baking'
so stay tuned for some pics and recipes soon!

Im getting totally inspired by colour!
I saw
'The Darjeeling Ltd'
recently and totally loved the quirky story...the beautiful colour in all the scenes was a real inspiration...ive also got the Marie Antoinette
DVD lined up to watch - can you believe I have yet to see it? I think Im the only one.....
Im taking part in a Marie inspired collage book swap so need to get some ideas!?

Top by Polly Wreford
Middle from Conde Nast
Bottom - Smarties for my morning tea treat (naughty)

September 18, 2008

Illustration Friday - ISLAND
its been a while since Ive done an Illustration Friday gets super busy and the week is usally over before I know it?!
id love a relaxing island getaway right now....
for more Illustration friday entries click HERE

September 15, 2008

Birdy Num Num....
some birdy love!!
my new Target day dress
with its pretty bird print fabric, which
inspired the birdy tags I made yesterday...tweet tweet...tweet!
the bluebird cross-stitch lavendar pillow that I made ages ago,
i have a few of these hanging in my wardrobe...i always spray my favourite perfume (Summer Hill by Crabtree & Evelyn) to refresh and it makes everything smell so nice!!!
ive also got some birdy necklaces hanging from my mirror in my room wearing these with white Tshirts and its almost Tshirt season people (yeahhh!) ....
dont you just love feathered friends?

September 14, 2008

This is.... what I would do with a spare 10minutes
great theme this week chosen by HoppoBumpo
its always nice to find a spare 10minutes here and there....i wouldnt sit and craft though as I like to know I have a lot of time in front of me....but i would probably do one of these things...

*make a cup of tea
*flick through a magazine
*play with my boys
*put a load of washing on
*check my emails
*plan what to make for dinner
*read some blogs
*have a relaxing shower
*scrub the kitchen bench
*De-clutter the family room
*write a 'To - Do ' list (love my list writing)

My orchids have bloomed - arent they pretty!!
Thanks HoppoBumpo and also to Sharon for hosting whilst Angela is away enjoying herself.....

September 12, 2008

Loving Fridays...
What a gorgeous sunny day!
I just got home - dropped the boys off to school and Preschool, went in for a haircut ( ...just a trim, nothing drastic)
and I also got my eyebrows shaped - i feel good!

Thought Id show you the beautiful softie I won on Pip's
Softies for Mirabel Ebay auction - shes a Yakka doll made by 'Partridge and Pear'... just beautiful!!
i didnt have time to contribute to the Mirabel softie appeal this year so thought Id bid on one and Im so happy I won!! she sleeps on my bed...

and a plate of creamy pillows just to entice those tastebuds...easy peasy to make!!
*cut 2 sheets of ready made puff pastry into 9 squares each
*bake in hot oven until puffed and golden...gently seperate into two so you have a total of 18 tops and 18 bottoms.
*whilst they are baking
whip together instant vanilla pudding sachet with milk - refrigerate to slighty thicken
*add some thick fresh cream - I added about 1 cup whipped cream, into the vanilla pudding
*once your pillows are cool - add dollops of the cream to the bottoms and sandwich together with the tops
*sprinkle some icing sugar on top! Voila!

September 9, 2008

Books, books glorious books

every now and then I get into a crazy book buying starting to feel it coming on again!

i much prefer heading into a book shop than any other store...well i do love pharmacies and supermarkets too (but that should be saved for another post...)
bookshops, modern and large or small and pokey always have a calm feel and you can take your time looking without having anyone bother you - perfect!
I also love my local library although its been a while Ive visited ....
If we were to ever renovate a home ( we're thinking about it), I dream of having a huge built in bookcase set up...that would be nice huh?!

So what are you all reading right now (apart from blogs that is....)??

Im currently reading

Eurydici Street - i love reading stories about travel and living in a new city!
Tim Walker's photography books are on my Christmas Wish list (so pricey but its nice to dream) ...his image of the book obsessed lady in this old 'Blumarine'
fashion advertisement is just fantastic!

Top by Ellen Von Unwerth
Next two from Australian Vogue
Bottom Blumarine image by Tim Walker

September 8, 2008

vintage fun....

i cant believe I missed Pip's week of Vintage!?
some fun posts from everyone!
here are some lovely vintage illustrations from my stash of vintage books...
i love school girl annuals, i have a few old ones....the inside sleeve of this one is sweet...

another favourite vintage illustrator/author is
Joan Walsh Anglund
her 'little' people are adorable...they have the sweetest faces!
this page is from 'Childhood is a time of Innocence'

It is big stairs and
small footprints.

and this one is
Baking at Christmas time

September 7, 2008

This favourite band!

Thanks to CurlyPops for this week's topic but just like movies and books, i have a hard time picking favourite music

i have to say ABBA was my first love and I still enjoy their music can get me on the dance floor real fast!
during my teens I was obsessed with
Culture Club, The Style Council , Pet Shop Boys , Simply Red
...80's music is still SO good!! ...i was really into the English music & fashion scene, i loved everything about it and I couldnt wait to finish school so I can visit London...
Happy fathers day to all the dads!!
we took my dad out for brunch today and Andrew got spoilt too!

September 5, 2008

This and that on a Friday...
its wet and miserable outside so Im stuck indoors today! not a bad thing I guess....

I thought Id show you some of the paper goods I was working on the past few weeks for the craft stall.

i love school fetes, alway fun for everyone!

I had free sweets to entice people to come over heehee and I wrapped some parcels to show people what my tags can look like on a gift...I had all my prices on a photo frame just to be a bit different.
It was a fun experience being my first craft stall and I loved having a chance to talk to people about my goodies!
Here is what the lovely Cathy sent me the other day - she included a note saying she 'spotted this in a thrift store and thought of me!!' isnt that the nicest thing ever!!? thanks again Cathy!

September 4, 2008

Catching up....
i can finally scan my drawings...the good thing about having limited computer access, you can catch up on drawing and crafting!
here are my illustrations for 'A Fashionable Challenge'...there's 91 members in my little flickr group, anyone who loves to do fashion sketches can join in!

Week 29 - The 60's...

Week 28 - Opulent
we even did a 'Draw this...' challenge and here is my Sass & Bide version...cute dress!

This week's challenge is 'Pattern and print'

September 2, 2008

This is my favourite Craft Supply shop....
I dont really have a favourite - i look for 'stuff' all over the place.
For pretty papers I tend to shop online, i love Ruby Street designs - vintage inspired papercraft kits & goodies.
I also shop at Craft fairs, Im looking forward to this one as they have great workshops too!
I scour thrift shops, flea markets & Ebay for vintage ephemera, cards and embellishments.
On the weekend I took Peter to 'Reverse Garbage' for supplies as he has a school project to do - i always end up finding stuff for me too!

Im currently going through my childhood encyclopedia set for maps & diagram pages, they make great backgrounds for my tags - i feel so bad as my parents spent a fortune on the sets but no one uses them now and my dad was going to throw them out...lucky for me that
Percival Road Designs is a 'sweet mix of Old and New'...
i can download photos now (Yeahhh...) here are some pics I took at Reverse Garbage, the bottom photo is what I found for me....the whole box as well as 4 metres of lace cost me $3!! going to tea dye the lace to get it looking a little dated.
Thanks to Handmaiden for this weeks post! and to Angela for Hosting 'This is'....
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