March 30, 2009

EyeSpy: A new Discovery

Discovered at a local 'trash and treasure' Saturday morning.
Under a box and in a plastic bag, this vintage British Childrens book
' Stories for Little People'
all mine for just 50cents!!
its in such great condition that I felt a little guilty handing over my coin - the illustrations are so delightful!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - i spent yesterday afternoon making some things
hope to show you soon
have a FAB Monday everyone!

March 27, 2009

To your Room!!!

When my boys push boundaries they have
'Time out' on their bed in their room until they've realised what they've done is wrong...not a great place I know being amongst all their
favourite things but it seems to work (sort of...)

i know if I was a kid and any of these were my room Id be having loads of time out sessions!

*top image from Talo & Koti (finland) magazine via
Belenora on flickr
*Bottom two images via Australian Notebook magazine

March 25, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

im going to play along with
'Wishlist Wednesday'
a new fun meme
its nice to have a wish list and a chance to show some Etsy and handmade goodies as well as other cool stuff - tune in every Wednesday!

love birds charm necklace by 'Ohhellofriend'

Brown Boots art print by 'Jenoaks'

Lavendar Vanilla soap by Sydney seller 'innerearthsoaps'

March 23, 2009

EyeSpy: Something in my garden

my garden is one complete mess right now so didnt take any pics
overgrown weeds, bird poo everywhere - i have no idea whats going on but it sure needs a day or two to sort out
but I did cut some pretty flowers from the front garden the other day
love the colours so into lilac and purple right now!!

*image of Irina from Australian Vogue*

March 21, 2009

Ladette to Lady

need help in becoming a lady?
well do i have the perfect book for you!
i found a bunch of vintage books at the thrift store yesterday - all about Etiquette!

We have 'Knowledge a young woman should have' which includes a chapter on 'The Corset and its Effects'
(oh dear! did you know constipation is one of them) What jolly good fun!

we also have a Womans Weekly pamphlet on Wedding Etiquette,
and 'Etiquette for Ladies - a guide to the Observances of Good Society' with info on what is expected of a Lady (important!!)
We also have 'Table & Domestic Etiquette' which points out what all maids & manservants should know - how to lay out a breakfast table and how to carve correctly, the proper way a parlour-maid should open the front door ( it should be always opened wide and not a mere few inches, which is very bad form).

a good society has changed huh?
i think its so great we can relax and be free in what we say & do, that we can laugh so hard that we sometimes snort then laugh even more
that music can stir up emotion so much that we get up and dance like a crazy chick...
still some things I hope will never change - little things like being honest , kind, saying 'thank you' and 'please', I think having good manners will never date...what do you think?

*images from Australian Vogue
bottom lilac flowers from my garden*

March 19, 2009

Keeping Busy

ive been rushed off my feet lately, the boys have settled into the school routine, Peter also started soccer training last week so its fun to go and watch the little ones run after a ball, Im busy trying to keep Neo occupied though as he really wants to join in on the team!
we've also got Greek language class one evening a week plus homework and reading every can get crazy too so somedays it feels like I have to be here, there and everywhere!
It all calms down after 8.00pm though when the boys are in bed, its quiet, Andrew and i can have some adult talk, watch some TV (im usually folding washed laundry too) or read without distractions...I can enjoy some hot tea and i get my paper stash out and play, a perfect way to end the evening...

Some new batches of birdy tags in the shop
and I also made some more of the vintage paper gift tags...i added cute Anthro-critter diecuts on some of them...kitty fun!

i also plan to make more of these 'Bird song' tags as they sold out and hope to add more flat note sets too many ideas so little time!!

i hope to catch up with all your lovely blogs, I feel so out of the loop!

March 15, 2009

Eye Spy: Colour
You are what you eat.....
i took this photo a few months back.
After peeling a lychee for my little boy I noticed how beautiful the inside peel was, i dont think i had noticed it before!
Yesterday my dad gave us some pomegrantes from the tree in their garden.
i love pomegrantes...such a pretty fruit, gorgeous colour!
delicious too, spritz of juice in your mouth as you crunch ...yummy!
so some natural colours in my kitchen and good for you too!
For more Eye Spy posts visit Cindy's blog and thanks to Amity for this week's theme.

March 13, 2009

Loving Fridays

Today im loving
Colour, Patterns and Prints
a bit of a crazy mix up but it seems to work somehow!

i wish I wasnt so 'safe' when it comes to my own personal style....i really admire people who experiment with colour and patterns,
maybe I should make more of an effort to wear something other than jeans!
I dont know about those pop socks though...i think they should just stay on the pages of Vogue!

*Top image from Australian Home Beautiful
*Middle image from USA Vogue
*Bottom image some of my gift tag bases

For more 'Loving Friday' posts check out
Tinniegirl (hope the craft show is going great Cathy!!)

March 11, 2009

Adding some colour to my day.....

the air is getting a little crisp lately and today the light outside is a bright but dull gray.
I dont mind though, i love welcoming a new season,
its like a fresh new start...

I like this feature from an old
Donna Hay magazine
Pretty alternative (and cheap) ways to display flowers

* Decoupage an old glass or tin
* vintage crystal glasses and flutes
* Science labware - beakers or even a grouping of test tubes would look cool!
* vintage teacups and nursery cups
* old bottles and apothecary jars...a scattering of these on a dinner table would look elegant!

Images by Con Poulos

March 9, 2009

EyeSpy - something that makes me laugh

* my boys make me laugh....sometimes i wonder where they come up with the things they say and do?

* British Comedies

* 'I love Lucy' repeats and old classic Jerry Lewis films, they remind me of my childhood, my Grandmother loved them too and we use to sit and watch them together!

* Home funny video shows...I laugh at people getting hurt & making complete fool of themselves (unintentionally of course)...i cant help it - I crack up, gosh what does that say about me?!

March 6, 2009

Loving Fridays.....

so Im at the stage where I need to start planning my boys secondary education .
Im finding it all so daunting having to think about it when its years ahead of 'now'
(live life now I say....) but when I look at the websites of some of these schools they say enrollment can be done from birth!!!

have I left it too late?
How attached must a parent be to a school, to even think about enrolling a wee baby onto a waiting list?
I remember being in a zombie-like state for at least the first 6 weeks after giving birth - lack of sleep, a baby hanging off my nipple 20 hours a day....the last thing I would have thought about let alone found time to discuss, or filling in forms just incase my child will not get into a school!!

Still, here I am... so much to think about.
do we send them to a Co-ed school or a boys only school? do we hand over SO much money for a private school education - will it really be worth it?
will they really be disadvantaged at a state run (down) do I feel about my boys going to a school that is religious based when we hardly go to church ourselves...some of the forms ask 'how do you practise your faith...' what do I answer to that??
do you think ' within my heart' is a good enough answer?

Both Andrew and I went to inner city state schools, we're both children of immigrants who probably didnt know better but knew they wanted their kids to do well in life, a new life in Australia...a life with less struggles than they experienced- we both turned out okay I think.

Sometimes I wonder if Im turning into the kind of parent that I never thought Id be...

is life really that competitve,
should it be?
there's so much to think about......

*Top image from Flickr
*Bottom image from Gillian

March 4, 2009

Style Inspiration: The Bouffant Updo

love these images from 60's...the bouffant updo was THE look to have!

messy but oh so sexy like you havnt tried hard at all!

I love being a brunette
but I really think this style looks perfect in all shades blonde!
paired with lined eyes and pale lips tres chic and extremely glamorous!

Bridget Bardot image via SillyCollections Flickr
middle image found in Harpers Bazzar
Bottom image of Catherine Deneuve found via Google images

March 1, 2009

EyeSpy...Something that Makes me Happy

The Sunday paper
makes me happy...i love hearing that thud when it lands on our front lawn very early on a Sunday I the only one that loves reading the paper on a Sunday morning?

Baking makes me happy
some fresh vanilla and apricot Friands i made today - recipe by Donna Hay, dense and delicious

Crafting always makes me happy!!
made some paper flowers for new tags
i just listed today in my Etsy shop

Speaking of craft, im going to part of the
design team at the gorgeous website
'Ruby St Designs' , all the vintage ephemera kits are beautiful, cant wait to sit and play!!

thanks to Iris+lily for this week's theme and dont forget to visit Cindy if you want to play along!
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