August 31, 2011

Well hello Spring!!

first day of Spring on this side of the world...I love the changes you sense, feel and see when a new season begins...looking forward to warmer days and spending more time outdoors.

Just to push things along I say yay to
fresh flowers in the home
open windows to let that breeze in and winter damp out - i do this daily even when Im at work (no fear!)
maybe its time to change the bedcovers to something lighter and softer in colour...

happy Spring!

by Victoria Pearson for HouseBeautiful and bottom image by Micky Hoyle

Lady Grooming

I'm a low maintenance girl and can go weeks without some lady grooming

I was getting a little desperate so whilst I was out yesterday I ended up walking into a beauty salon that I don't normally visit
for some waxing.
I always get a little weary when you can just walk in without an appointment and they can fit you right in but as I said I was desperate, it was my day off so I went for it....

The first thing the beautician said after she waxed and plucked my eyebrows,
'go have a look in the mirror and let me know if they look okay?'
and the first thing I thought,
well its a bit late now isnt it??!?

how can you fix botched up eyebrows....
but lucky for me
they look fine, actually they look really good!!
I'm pleased and for less than $10 an instant pick me up...groomed eyebrows make such a difference don't you think?

HaPPy Wednesday to you all!

*image by Leombruno Bodi 1960 for CondeNast

August 28, 2011

Black & White & Wood
I dont know if Id ever paint my kitchen walls black, im just not that game to experiment with black paint anywhere in my home but I do love how both these kitchens look - the black creates an almost cocoon feel to the space - very cosy, warm and comforting!
I also love how they've added a thrifted/country style table to balance the black, white and modern floor.
Both these great kitchens have now been pinned - dont you just love pinterest!?
Ive been catching up on my visual feast!

Where else have I been? (my poor blog has been neglected...)
Ive been clearing up and decluttering a little, cooking a lot - guess I missed being in the kitchen!
Ive also been reading...being away for a month means lots of new magazines in the mail and I started reading Keith Richard's autobiography 'Life' whilst on holiday - i finished it the other day - it was great!!

images via desire to inspire and bottom via A Lazy Man

August 22, 2011

Diluted Cherry + Vanilla creme

10 days until the start of Spring...i cant wait!

Having had a recent taste of warm sunny days its being so hard coming back to a winter wardrobe of knits and woollens.

....longing for some sunny rays,
tank tops, open toe sandals and
icy cold cherry popsicles to cool things down!
* images
Top -
Bottom - Martha Stewart craft project via
Style-Files on pinterset

August 18, 2011

Back Home!

Oh its so good to be back home, there is no feeling like it...home sweet home right? I always get emotional when I land in Sydney.
don't get me wrong, we had a brilliant time overseas but being in the comfort of your home, your own bed, your belongings and normal surroundings - SO good!

I was feeling extremely inspired, refreshed and invigorated whilst overseas but I'm trying to reconnect to those 'feel good' feelings because right now im exhausted and lifeless from the long flights (how many movies can one watch - well Ok, I did get to see the whole of Season 4 of Mad Men - thumbs up!), the time change, the drop in Temperature ( back to Winter), the pace of travelling as a family trying to take as much in as we can.
I'm getting there, slowly...we all woke up so late this morning and it was a frantic rush to get ready for work and the boys for school.
.....slowly sipping some tea as I type trying to keep my eyes from closing.

Hope you all had a wonderful month, I was hardly online during our travels and surprisingly I survived!
ha-ha...we all rely on the internet to connect and keep up to date but it was really great to have a break from it all!
Big thanks and hugs to my lovely Guest bloggers with their inspiring posts, you gals are the best!!

*image -
'Home Sweet Home from theWheatfield on Etsy

August 15, 2011

Colour Inspiration: Blue as the Meditterenean Sky....
Beautiful Blues all around, how can you not be inspired?

top image : Home Beautiful Australia and bottom from Pinterest

August 13, 2011

Oriental Opulence

by the time this post is up I'll be in Hong Kong for the first time!

*images by Nicole Bentely for Australian Vogue

August 11, 2011

Etsy Picks: Eco Friendly Weddings

Hello from Deb of Two Cheeky Monkeys and thanks Anastasia for inviting me to be a guest blogger on your beautiful blog!

While it is cold and dreary in my part of the world, I know that many in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the warmer summer weather. The onset of the warmer weather also signals the start of the wedding season in many countries.

I absolutely adore weddings, especially those with a handmade element, and what could be sweeter than an eco-friendly, handmade wedding? I hope you enjoy my Etsy picks. :)

Coquette fascinator by The Honeycomb *

Everlasting Love" brooch bouquet by Hair Bows Wonderworld * Waste not want not bridesmaid's clutches by Rejenerate *
With this ring ring pillow by Motif Caprice *

August 9, 2011

Colour Inspiration: Soft dusky Grey-Blue + Lemon-yellow
I'm Sally. Pleased to meet you!

The gorgeous Anastasia has invited me to write a guest post, whilst she is away in Europe.

I am a big COLOUR fan, so I thought I would share some colour inspiration with you.
Thinking of Anastasia in Europe, has turned my thoughts to my homeland (I am from the UK),
and it's beautiful Spring mornings.

I have to be honest and tell you that I generally prefer the intensity of the light and the colours, that the strong Aussie sun provides,
but sometimes the softer Northern Hemisphere light creates really pretty colours.

This colour-inspiration palette, is in itself inspired by the soft blues of the sky and the soft yellow of the sunlight one may encounter whilst strolling along in the English countryside, on Spring morning!!

Images from top:
*Martha Stewart's Daisy Chain necklace tutorial
*Buttons by Jambo Chameleon on Etsy
*Stunning vintage dress from Babes in Vintageland
* Wedding image from

I am usually to be found sharing my inspiration over at my blog JamboChameleon
I'd love it if you'd stop by and visit me there sometime - the kettle is always on and I'm usually baking something!!!
Sally x0x

August 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Melinda Andersen from a little paper cutting place called Paperklip. It is so very nice to be here at Anastasia’s blog while she takes a holiday.
Today, I will write about my second love (after paper) - Vintage - and how to buy it and make it work in your home.

Our home is a mix of styles, based on quite a few years of collecting. I have been buying old things for a long time – from markets in Balmain, Sydney when I was a drafting student, from flea markets and antique fairs in Copenhagen when my Danish husband and I had a flat there.

I guess what I am saying here is my first tip – buy what appeals to you and always with your heart. It is important to trust your instincts regarding your style and your home.
Try to steer away from having a show home.
My second idea is to start a collection. I collect West German pottery vases from the 1960’s/1970’s. This picture is from a corner in our bedroom. The ladder shelf is new, and I feel this mix works because the vases are all from the same period. About 6 months ago these vases were in a cupboard. What was I thinking?? – get your collections out and get them on display! I love looking at them, their different forms and colours.

Moving on, the goal now with my ‘collection’ leads me to a third tip – buy quality. My shelves are reaching the full mark so it is time to be selective. I now try to find specific colours, or a different shape and always in great condition, with no chips or cracks. It is okay to reject something if it is not in great condition. There will more than likely be another one along – provided you are not collecting very rare things.
There are many great places to buy vintage these days. Why not try your luck on Ebay, search for something specific on Etsy or take a trip to your local opportunity shop to see what lies there. If you are in Sydney there is a great collectables fair on once a month in Glebe that I can highly recommend.

Happy collecting to you!

images One, Two, 3 & 4 both by Melinda, Five

August 5, 2011

Vintage Style Icon: Barbara Streisand
Funny, super talented and
very beautiful!!

August 3, 2011

There's little that makes my heart sing more than fresh flowers - clumped heads in the garden, tall stems in a vase, wildflowers in the bush. I'm getting the chance to help make my sister's bouquet next month so I've had wedding flowers on my mind. I thought I would look through the archives of my website Wedding Ideas Australia and pull together some of my favourite wedding posies to share with you too:

Peonies are my favourite flower of all time. So fluffy and luxurious. These pink peonies were arranged by Style by Nature in Port Melbourne. Read more about Samantha and Billy's Yarra Valley wedding.
image: Warren Photography

Ivory roses are classic, but teamed with the dark berries they are modern too. This bouquet of Emanuel ivory roses with blackberries, wrapped in black lace was created by Stylish Stamens on the Gold Coast. Read more about Bree and Josh's Gold Coast wedding.
image: White Pearl Photography

I'm a huge fan of using native Australian flora where possible - embracing our heritage and celebrating the beauty of our own environment. This bouquet of Eucalyptus flowers, tetragona nuts, bottle brush, Flannel flowers and soft blue gum leaves by Lazy Tulip in Croydon, NSW is really something special. Read more about Carmen and Jamie's Sydney wedding.
image: Oneill Photographics

More peonies! This time wedding white with green foliage and wrapped subtly with unbleached linen ribbon and fixed with a few sweet pearls. This bouquet by Boatshed Market in Cottesloe, WA perfectly suited the relaxed atmosphere at this wedding, full of handmade details. Read more about Danielle and John's Perth wedding.

David Austin roses scream wedding and this design by Menail Floral Creations (Menai, NSW) features cream and white roses with blackberries and grey foliage for depth. Read more about Kate and Brendan's Sydney wedding.
image: McKay Wedding Photography

This compact bouquet of white lilies and roses is fresh and modern - perfect for a pared back wedding or a petite Bride. The green lily stamen and foliage give the posy interest. Such a sophisticated look.
Read more about Jocelyn and Jarrod's Noosa wedding.
image: Calli B Photography

This truly glorious bouquet by Blooming Bridal in Adelaide is a girl's dream come true - pale pink peonies, pale pink David Austin roses, white mini roses and a scattering of white Singapore orchids. I could eat it.
Read more about Katrina and Matthew's Adelaide wedding.
image: Milk Studio

It's cheeky, but I've also included my own wedding bouquet. I think it's important to work with the flowers that are in season, so my only request of the Eumundi Flower Lady was to create something to go with my deep red colour theme. I think she did an amazing job with this mixed seasonal bouquet. Read more about our Sunshine Coast wedding.
image: Barbara Utech

You don't need to spend the earth on a gorgeous bouquet. One of the simplest, and sweetest wedding flowers I have seen were my friend Rebecca's red and pink tulips that added a pop of colour against her wedding dress and worked beautifully with her rural country setting outdoors wedding. Read more about Rebecca and Chris' Kangaroo Valley wedding.
image: Steph Bond Hutkin

I hope these blooms bring a little something special to your day. Thank you Anastasia for the invitation to share something beautiful - have a wonderful holiday!
Steph Bond-Hutkin
Bondville - for Mums who love design
Wedding Ideas Australia - real Australian weddings

August 1, 2011

Hi! I'm Mel, aka The Crafty DIY Bride. I love pretty things, craft, pink and my three kittens (oh and my hubby). Anastasia asked me to share something that inspires me with you all while she's away, so here I go...

I've been playing around with my sewing machine at long last. I'd always said to myself that as soon as I'd handed in my thesis, I'd start quilting. Well, I'm not there yet, but here are some sewing tutorials that have wetted my appetite.

Have you been sewing anything lately? I've been collecting so many tutorials on my Pinterest boards too. I'd love to see what you've got planned - so share your links.

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