April 29, 2012

 A Girl Called Ivy....

Hello everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Its been a while since my last 'creative girl' blog post but lets head over to Portland, USA to meet Ivy.
Ivy is super talented and an inspiration  - she loves to creates amazing collages and art and enjoys crafting.  Ivy is also a blogger where she shares her finds, family life and inspirations and  has a gorgeous Vintage Decor shop on Etsy,  Grace & Ivy.  Her product styling and photos are stunning!
Her husband recently surprised her with a trip to Paris (lucky girl!) where she sourced some beautiful things for her shop.
Welcome Ivy!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
Right now I'm infatuated with anything French and vintage, Paris and all the gorgeous spring time flowers. Of course, I'm incredibly excited and inspired by the coming arrival of my baby daughter, Claire, in June!

Name 3 things you couldn't live without right now?
Id have to say my camera. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
and my Mac Book Pro

Can you define to us your personal style?
My personal style is always evolving but currently I love vintage treasures - objects with history. I am a complete romantic, so soft colors, lace, candles and tarnished silver fill my studio. Clippings of art I love, photography and vintage postcards adorn the walls. I am nostalgic, sensitive, romantic and feminine...without being overly frilly. I think that sums it up...

Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)?
Favorite color??...hmm...tough one. I would say right now I'm drawn to pastels. Although, being an artist and interior decorator, I can really appreciate almost all colors. My daughter's nursery is a soft palette of pink and gray. Love this combo!

Any favourite Smells or Frangrance?
I adore the fragrances of jasmine and gardenia. I also love how it smells right after a good rainstorm.

What do you love about your City/Town?
I love so many things about
Portland....where to begin? I love the great restaurants, the artistic vibe, the sense of community. I love all the beautiful parks and green spaces. I love that we finally have found a home where we are surrounded by supportive and loving friends.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
I heard this quote when I was taking an online course with Jeanne Oliver. "You can do anything, just not everything." This really resonated with me because I am often overwhelmed with inspiration and want to do a million things at once. This quote reminds me to stick to my true passions and strengths and find balance within the creative chaos - that is my brain! :) These words help ground me.

Thanks so much Ivy for letting us peek into your world!!!  To see more of Ivy head on over to her Blog
and her beautiful Etsy shop Grace & Ivy 

April 26, 2012

Etsy Picks of the Week - Barefoot Contessa

Are you planning a vacation this year?  I'm always dreaming about taking off  ...this image, that I've kept in my clippings folder for years,  reminds me of the young girl I was, who couldn't wait to  travel the big wide world, to visit monuments and city squares, to be independent and free and as chic as this girl in her little black dress and simple chignon! ... oh to dream!!
...its a lovely image and I still adore it today.

*Top image from Elle UK scaned by me (photographer unknown) * Gold Bangle by FailJewelry * Paris Print by TheLoveShop *
Black Strapless Dress by SalvageLife

April 25, 2012

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits
'Lest we forget'
Its Anzac Day today, a National day to remember the soliders who bravely fought for our country.
of course I made a batch of Anzac Biscuits - during the Great wars many women's associations gathered and made batches of these  'Soldier's Biscuits' to send along with mail and parcels from their families.
The ingrediants are quite dry and the biscuits are egg free, that way they didn't easily spoil and would last the long journey from Australia to the War front in Europe.
I make these often not just for Anzac Day, the kids love them too as they are a chewy, dense and delicious biscuit - perfect with a cup of tea! shall  I put the kettle on?
Anzac Biscuit recipe here

April 23, 2012

Neo's room - part 2
I just wanted to share a small crafty project I tried out for Neo's bedroom walls...totally inspired by Merrilee's blog post i thought I would have a go at the circle punch art. It was easy enough.
I used co-ordinating papers in blues, greens and whites and I used
one of the paper prints on both layouts to team it up, the frames were from Ikea so it wasnt expensive at all!
What do you think?

Neo's room was done on a tight budget so the curtains and bedlinen were also from Ikea and the tie-dye pillow from Target.
We splurged on a Componibili and he's already filled it up with toys and his sacred Pokemon card bundles...cute!
you can see the first blog post about Neo's new room here

April 17, 2012

Inspiration Now - Candy Pink
its raining outside and im dreaming
of spring-time Pinks...guess I'm not as ready as I thought for gray skies and cool days.
They are predicting rain all week and the boys are still on school holidays, its hard when they have to be indoors - they end up watching way too much TV and playing way too many computer games...its difficult to get them to do anything else?!

Its back to work for me tommorow ...i long to find time to just sit and draw..its been SO long.
I want to draw some pretty flowers like these, I love botanical illustrations..

i love a pretty skirt like EmersonFry's gorgeous pink one below - how gorgeous is her Spring range, Id buy one of each design if i could!
I will definetely have to give that a try soon!

inspirations via my Pinterest

April 11, 2012

Baking For Easter - Kourabiedes
these Greek biscuits are baked during Easter and Christmas and Ive already made two batches - both to be given away to family & friends this week.
They are SO delicious they'd be perfect anytime of the year - store in an airtight container and sprinkle with icing sugar (and love) too serve.
....coffee & biscuit time anyone?

Some use walnuts but I prefer toasted almonds and I always add a a splash of fragrant rosewater instead of brandy or ouzo.
This year I tried the recipe from Gourmet Traveller magazine, one of my favourite food mags
...travel + food, what else do we need?
you can see the recipe on their website here

Top image Ben Dearnley for Gourmet Traveller
Bottom image by me

April 9, 2012

a clear mind....

Happy Easter everyone!!
we haven't started our celebrations yet as Greek Easter is on this weekend.
If you know anyone of Greek heritage you will know that Easter time is a big deal!
lots of traditions, customs and rituals, I love it!
its going to be a busy week for us and we're hosting Easter lunch for the family at our house this year so its time to put on my 'domestic goddess' hat and start planning and preparing!

We had a few days off from work and its been just lovely!
lots of family time...relaxing and enjoying time together.
I love a clutter free mind its great to have some time-out from everything...

The weather in Sydney has been amazing with clear blue skies and sun!!
Its starting to get chilly in the morning though, last night was pretty cold too so I think im going to have to pull out the blankets from storage soon
I'm looking forward to cooler days, I love a new season!

Hope you ALL have a beautiful day!
Top - A beach cottage
Bottom - Desde my Ventana

April 3, 2012

Going Gocco!

Last month I did a short 'Gocco on Paper' workshop at Pine Street Gallery – it was so much fun!

I kept reading about Gocco printing on crafty blogs so I always wanted to learn a bit more about this super cool 70’s Japanese invention.

We were told to bring along a drawing or design so of course I left it to the last minute and quickly drew this little girl about an hour before the workshop …she looks so sweet in pink, blue and purple! I made quite a few printouts and stickers too…

Etsy has a quick how to video here where you can see the simple process!

There is also a Gocco category under paper goods - so many great designs. – im itching to buy a used Gocco machine so I can experiment more!

I love these two cards on Etsy below - both printed using Gocco Rorschach flowers by ShopPrettyThings – so elegant! and this adorable Retro birthday card by HelloJuliaMade

April 1, 2012

Neo's world + a can of Blue paint

My little guy Neo has moved into his own bedroom, the boys loved sharing a bedroom but we just felt it was time now....

We never had sleep issues or bickering issues and they are too young to be at the stage where arguments would mean a line drawn up in the middle of the room ha-ha...it was actually sweet to hear them chatting and giggling before bed, playing and interacting ...I will miss that, i think they will too!....

So our third bedroom was once the family study or should i say my dumping ground for anything crafty so it was a big job moving everything out!

We decided to reuse an old chest of draws that was sitting in the garage so Andrew spruced it up with some blue paint - we let Neo choose the blue colour (from a culled selection by me of course....) and I really like how it turned out. It adds a punch of colour to the room dont you think?

Neo got to keep my old bookcase as we had no where else to put it but it will now be filled with his books and games and I hope this encourages him to read more!

I also bought some new sheer white cotton curtains which will brighten up the small room - my mum is hemming those today and I recently ordered a lovely customised World Map print - Neo's world of Discoveries - from 'My Sweet prints' on Etsy - its FAB!!

next on the list to buy is a Yellow Componibili, a small desk and lamp maybe some more art work or I might get him to create some himself and that's Neo's World done!!

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