December 30, 2012

I heart books

why hello there!
I do hope you are well...

I've had a little blogging wasn't planned but it was nice to relax a little after the festivities.  We've been having lots of family time and outings here and is good!

Have you bought anything awesome in the sales?
I bought a new Summer Dress two days ago ..its light and airy and a pretty blue shade.
I also bought a stack of books online the other night - I heart books, yes I do!...
plus its my birthday in two days so this is a little gift for me (from me!)

This what i ordered
*Decorate workshop by Holly Becker.
I love Decor books and Holly has great taste and aesthetic!
*Grace: A Memoir she's so inspiring and I cant wait to read this...
I also bought another memoir, * What Remains by Carole Radziwill ...okay Im a RHONY fan (hides face) and Carole seems  super cool plus her life story seems so interesting...
*The $100 startup - love his newsletter and the book's title just grabs you right?!...
plus '6 ways to Keep the 'Good' in your boy' - I like reading parenting books, we all need some guidance and direction!
so a real mix of books on their way to me!
If you have any book recommendations, any great reads you absolutely love ...please share!

December 24, 2012

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas......
Wishing you and your loved ones a Joyful and Merry Christmas

December 22, 2012

Vintage Style Icon:
Goldie Hawn

Baby doll Blonde
how adorable was Goldie in the 60's...she's still sassy and vibrant
but I'm loving the soft bouffant  and  wide eye sweet girl look....bring out the mascara girls!

*image via my 'Vintage Life' pinterest board

December 18, 2012

Christmas Inspiration: Hearts

Hearts...lots of Hearts,
Hugs and Love during Christmas...

Friday's horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has had me glued to the News channels.
Even though the tragedy happened so far away from here, the whole world has reacted and our hearts, prayers and thoughts go to the families who lost their loved ones and their beautiful innocent children....heartbreaking.
May they be at Peace.

December 15, 2012

Christmas inspiration: White Decor

How about some pure white Decor for Christmas, what a gorgeous idea?

I don't know about you but I'm so glad my Christmas shopping has been done and thank god for the internet & online shopping, its getting busy and a little crazy out there...
I'd be happy to stay home the next 10 days and bake, read and craft!...Im such a homebody!

*image via That Inspirational Girl tumblr

December 11, 2012

Christmas Inspiration: 
Handmade Christmas card swap
As you know I love a creative challenge,  so I joined in on Amanda's 'Handmade Christmas card swap'.
 ...the loveliest thing about December is all the happy snail mail we receive and its happening almost daily - who doesnt love some happy mail when they get home??

Here are the handmade cards I made...on their way to my swap partners!

December 9, 2012

Christmas Inspiration: 
A Natural Christmas...

hello sweet friends!
I'ts been a while since I've blogged...I do hope you're having a great December so far!

Is your home ready for Christmas?
Im loving these simple, natural decorating styles and Im craving some simplicity in my life right now...
but we have our glitzy tree up and our home is starting to look a little more festive - we were actually running late this year - normally the tree is up by now I've been a busy gal!

I've also been spending my evenings (and any spare time) crafting, making and getting things ready for the Christmas market - I shared a stall with Melinda who organised the whole event, she's so creative!!  It was a fun night and a great experience!...looking forward to doing more craft markets next year.

*images 1/2
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