March 27, 2006

EDM Challenge #59 Spring

When the weather is warm we practically live in our garden!

We are so lucky to have many warm & sunny days during the year and even winter in Australia is quite mild, so we spend lots of time outside sitting, eating , reading and entertaining.

Its currently Autumn here in Australia so we are getting lots of dry leaves all over the place - very messy but its still very green and pretty!


  1. What a beautiful spot. Your drawing makes it look most inviting. Jean

  2. Looks like you've carved out a nice little spot for yourself.

  3. Yes, you have captured the peacefulness - aren't you plagued by mozzies - and we have possums peeing over evrything from the pergola and trees. Yuk. Alison in Canberra

  4. This looks so typically Australian,I love this drawing. We sit outside a lot too although this year the flies were so awful and now it is damp and cooler that my normally very used area hasnt seen much of us.Penny in South Australia

  5. i never thought my garden was 'typically australian' but yes I guess it is....lots of paving and green grass and a huge jacaranda tree.
    we have had a few mozzies but no possums around - we are quite inner city so not sure if there would be possums around! my boys would love it if we did!


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