November 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

Happy hump day everyone!
I've had a few days away from the blog - chilling and relaxing after a crafty frenzy lead up to the Etsy Market stall last was fun, I should try and do more Markets in future!
I do need to work on my networking skills though especially the perfect 'pitch'
 ha!...Im a true introvert so always find it tricky to talk to strangers or about myself...

I made quite a lot of stock which was great as my Crafty Life has been a little quiet this year so new things in my Etsy shop soon!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

* image via 'Design Love Fest'

November 13, 2014

Etsy Pop Up Market

Tomorrow night I'm having a little Etsy stall part of  'The Rocks Village bizarre'
so much happening down at
'The Rocks' and they are predicting a scorcher of a day tomorrow so who wants to head on home after work??
...come on down...
Say Hello!

There will be 8 Etsy stalls as well as loads of yummy food, music, art installations and of course the high energy DJ/Dancer
Peter Baecker (he was a huge hit last week!!) - you can check it all out here
I've got a variety of Greeting cards and Gift tags to offer...I've been a busy gal making things!

November 5, 2014

Get Stuff Done!

how I relate to this!
Its always such a good feeling when something that’s been on your ‘To do’ list is completed… Finished.

I have a way to go with my list which is very long right now…
I read recently that ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’ and I must admit the need for perfection, is something I struggle with.
I want everything to be absolutely and exactly the way I’m imagining it to be…this of course takes up lots of time, energy and at the end of the day giving something a go... a real honest go and getting it done feels so much better than it being 'perfect'  (… if there was every such a thing anyway…)

Adorable mug from
‘Click and Blossom’

November 3, 2014

Organised Chaos....

I sometimes don’t like the mess that results in a great crafty session especially when I’m still in a ‘work in progress’ stage and I have no intention of clearing anything up as yet.
I' lucky enough to have a crafty work area set up in my house but for some reason I like to bring all my supplies into the family room and work there…its my organised chaos!

I’m preparing for the ‘Rocks Twilight Market’ which will be part of ‘The Rocks Village Bizarre’.
 – it starts this Friday night and should be awesome!!
There will be different Etsy Sellers every Friday night for 7 weeks and my stall will be there on 14th November so things are feeling a little frantic!!

Ive only experienced a stall at School held Market so I’m feeling this might be a tad busier…ohhh don’t want to get nervous now …fingers crossed I’ll be organised, on track and will and slowly getting there.

October 28, 2014

Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I have so many unread books on my bookshelf...books that were recommended or that I had bought because I might enjoy ( yes! I also judge books by the cover...)...
Since I now commute to work by train, I have plenty of time to read.
2 hours a day plenty!
I'm slowly working my way through the books that have been patiently waiting for my attention all these months (years...)
I recently finished 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' and loved the book so much that I wish I had read it sooner.

a book about family, family secrets and a flawed rocky Mother-daughter relationship... but mainly its about life-long friendship and acceptance...
the 'young' Ya-Ya's sure did hang out a lot on their front porches (...the side porch when they had a head full of rollers...) drinking their cola - lots of laughs, crying, heart break...

It left me thinking about it for days
thinking about all the characters and how I didn't get the closure that I wanted...ha!
I actually ended up a little at odds with the sudden way it ended.
I guess it had an impact on any good book would.

October 24, 2014

Weekend Style...

Do you have a weekend style?
I'm usually in jeans and a simple top, sneakers or flats...which can get extremely boring come Saturday many jeans can you style up?
I should really change it up sometime, make the effort a little...
I'm usually feeling so laid-back I cant be bothered unless I know someone is coming by but the weekend is not a cue for sloppy ...hey, you just never know who you'll bump into at the local cafe or supermarket...
but of course you should always dress for yourself,
feel comfortable in your clothes - you'll appear effortless which is what personal style is all about! right?

* some lovely Weekend style ideas below - images via my style Pinterest board

October 22, 2014

Polka Dots + Chambray Blue

a little 'Fashion to Paper' crafty challenge...

I found this image on Pinterest the other day -  I do love the chambray denim teamed with the polka-dot printed skirt.  Its a dramatic skirt isnt it? ... funny enough the skirt is by Shabby Apple which is an American site that I've seen featured on so many blogs over the years - they've called the skirt 'Waltzing Matilda' ball skirt.
Maybe it reminds them of the outback and our own taste of country life?...

here is my Greeting card...Im actually in the middle of a paper mess right now - I have crafty stacks all over my house!
Im preparing for a market stall...more of that to come!