May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday my darling Sis!

My sister Roulla doesnt blog but I know she looks at mine so have a wonderful day Roulla!!
I hope you get showered with love and gifts today! Take time to chill and enjoy your day.
Im so happy to have you as my sister and I love you very much....

Isn't this photo sweet? My sis is close to 2years old here and she is with our Grandmother Evroulla (whom she was named after) and Grandfather Kosta.
I love the way she is holding my grandfathers finger and the big bow in her hair is darling.
My grandmother was only 39 when my sister was born - how times have changed - women are becoming mothers for the first time at 39 these days!
My sister and I are both very close to our Grandparents - they now live in Cyprus but we call them all the time and come September we are all flying over to Cyprus for 6 whole weeks of fun in the sun!


  1. Hi Anastasia, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. You asked where I got my prismacolors from. Email me at so I may reply.

  2. What a wonderful birthday greeting for you sister. I love the photo.


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