May 29, 2006

Leftover Chocolate....

Can you believe we still have leftover chocolate easter eggs from Easter time!! we got so many from friends, family and neighbours.
I try to only give the boys chocolate as a special treat although Peter asks, 'Mummy can I have a treat' almost everyday!

Im slowly using the chocolate by adding in cakes and biscuits and occasionally breaking one or two when we have little guests.....
Last weekend we made Chocolate almond cake as we were invited to a Sunday lunch at my sister's house, today we might make some Rocky road.
Peter loves to help but Im sure its just to lick the spoon and bowl afterwards (hey thats my job)


  1. ANASTASIA!!! I am disappointed in you - depriving your sons of one of the six main food groups! Didn't you know that chocolate is important to a healthy life? :-)

  2. that chocolate!

  3. We still have Easter eggs too. I have a really good thing that I do to use it all up. I eat it myself !!!!!


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