June 9, 2006

3 day Weekend ahead..........

Yeahhhh we have a long weekend in Australia!! so we are heading out of the city and driving north for about 3hrs to a town called Forster, Tuncurry.

I hope its not too cold as my parents have rented a beach house for a week so we thought we'd drag along for the 3 days.

Ive never been to Forster before but my work collegues have warned me that there isnt too much to do - why thats perfect....I just want to relax, play with my boys and be with my family.

Im going to take some good books/mags to read, my scarf that Ive been knitting for 2mnths now, my sketch book and pens. Hope the weather holds out as we've had lots of rain (we need it though) so we can go for long walks on the beach and have brunch at cafes.....sweet!!!

So take care my bloggy friends - catch up with you all Tuesday!!




  1. Enjoy - have a good one.

  2. Have a great time, Anastasia! Are you staying at the top of that mountain? :-) It looks beautiful!!!

  3. Anonymous1:33 AM

    that looks spectacular!

  4. Wow look at those waves crashing!! Have a brilliant time.


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