June 14, 2006

Brown Tuesday

Some of my favourite brown things from my kitchen.

Brown Lentils - I try to cook legumes at least once a week. Lentils are easy and fast to cook - just add stock, rice and boil away.

Almonds - My favourite snack. Even better drizzled with honey.

Greek Coffee - Its so dense, rich and smells beautiful. Its cooked on the stove until thick and syrupy. The old traditonal coffee houses in Cyprus cook it in a pot over hot sand.


  1. Almonds with honey? Now there's something I must try.

  2. Oh yeah, almonds. Mmmmm - problem is, I can't stop at a handful.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying colour week and surfing around getting everyone's same yet different perspective on life.

  3. Don't like nuts, but always need coffee. Love lentils in curry.

  4. Thanks for your comments! Funny, you and I did much the same idea for "Brown." I also have two boys, 12 & 9. The older looks me almost straight in the eyes now! Your blog is lovely, see you again!

  5. so organic...love it.

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I love lentils. I just made a lentil salad the other day with feta cheese and it was great. I'd love to hear what else you do with them, I'm always looking for creative new ways to cook them.


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