June 6, 2006

Quick Mummy! Charlie and Lola is on......

On my days off one of my morning delights is to watch 'Charlie and Lola'
on ABC kids at 8.45am.
My boy Peter always lets me know by shouting Come quick Mummy, its on its on! He knows how much I love it.
Bravo to author Lauren Child for creating such a wonderful TV series and gorgeous characters – she even has a card & stationery deal with Roger La Borde featuring her great illustrations.


  1. ChARliE aNd LoLA iS oUR FaVOuRiTe ANd OuR BESt. We have five books, the board game book, the DVD, a poster. We love them to bits. This morning at Mini Maestro's, all the kids had to say if they had a dog and what their dogs name is. Alice told everyone that she has a dog named Sizzles, but that we lost him. Have a look at these sites

  2. thanks for the links Jo - will check them out! sounds like your family are Charlie & Lola fans too!
    How cute of Alice!
    I need to get some of the books for my boys too...

  3. I love Charlie and Lola! And she is doing stationery, how do you get all this insider news?

  4. I love watching Charlie and Lola with my two little boys also! :)


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