June 20, 2006

Some Fun Happenings.....

Ive taken part in Cottonstrudel's Mag swap. My swap partner is Monica from England. Yeahh I love anything British!! We've been emailing and she is lovely!
Monica is working on the courage to start her own blog - C'mon Monica join in on the fun!!!
Edited to Add: Monica has just set up her blog!! Yeahhh Monica - have a look here Quilt while you're ahead

Some cool things Ive ordered from some very talented Bloggers. I managed to get one of Amy's MailOrder packages - these sell out SO fast and I read about the first one on a few blogs, missed out on the second one but yeahhh got the current one! Cant wait to receive it!

I also ordered a really cute colouring book/journal/storybook from VegasandVenice
called 'Shy Monster' - I think there are a couple left in her etsy shop
they are selling fast too!!!

Ive also joined in to do a Paperswap
so have to start thinking about that soon.

Lots of fun happenings. Im off to a work conference tommorow night - its pretty full on schedule but Im going to take my knitting and my sketchbook - I wonder if my collegues would mind?


  1. I thought about the magazine swap, but they are so heavy to send.

  2. Hi Anastasia - thanks for your comment - the encouragement helps!! What a lovely happy post to read in the morning!

  3. Hey I just saw I'm on your blog list. How cool is that, thank you so much!

  4. I don't think they'll mind. You'll just be known as the weird chick who knits and draw's. A tag I'd be proud to own.


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