June 26, 2006


I got my tags from Dacia's tagswap in the mail the other day - how pretty are they???
Thanks for the recipe cards Dacia!

Ellia is having the 3rd round of her Sweetpea swaps - this one is called 'Just a Kid Swap' for the kid within us all! check it out.

Aren't her illustrations just beautiful!!! this is done with cut-out paper amazing work!


  1. I received my Gift Tag Swap package & just stopped by to say thanks for a lovely tag! :)

  2. Anastasia- Thank you for your comment and your tag! I got the pretty purple and pink tag with the shiny lacing. I am so happy that you got one of my favorites in your packet. Wish I had more of that dark blue and green fabric.

  3. Oh, I'm so happy you like your tag :)
    I lover the thought that it went to someone who does collage. Feel free to re-use the parts if they ever fit into somthing.


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