June 19, 2006

A Wiff of Cinnamon........

One of my favourite smells is cinnamon.

I have gorgeous cinammon oil that I burn in my oil burner but today since we've got gray skies, cold weather and are stuck indoors, I thought Id bake some 'Norweigan Cinnamon buns' from Nigella's 'How to be a Domestic Goddess cookbook'
Im always worried about recipes that use yeast as Ive had a few flops but these turned out well - crispy sweet crust and gooey soft dough on the inside - perfect with some afternoon tea - off to put the kettle on!!


  1. They look delicious, Anastasia. Now if there was only a way down there to enjoy them with you!

  2. holy cow that looks good! unfortunately, I'm allergic to cinnamon (but i eat it anyways...hehe...a little here and there i can get away with).

    you're so right about the scent though! i visited my neighbors townhome, and she had several cinn. candles burning, and oh my, her whole house smelled so delish!

    :) D


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