July 17, 2006

A Big Fat Greek Barbeque......

we were invited to my parents for a barbeque yesterday and after 2 days of constant rain the skies opened and it turned out to be a perfect day for outdoor eating and drinking.
Pretty lucky as my mum invited 25 people!! us Greeks cant do things on a small scale heehee

My parents are off in a months time for 3mnths in the medittereanean. First stop for them is a tour of Greece and the Greek Islands and then they are off to Cyprus - we are meeting up with them in Larnaca.

The view from the kitchen window - all the kids are playing outside.

This garden sculpture is too cute! In spring its surrounded by pretty flowers.


  1. hehehe...Oh Anastasia, now you really have me missing my Parents!
    I loved the BBQ's they used to have and miss them and all the wonderful food! I can't wait to visit them soon and have a day just like this.
    How exciting about your holiday! When are you going and for how long?
    My son is going to the Greek Island in September until January with his Dad.
    Cyprus is one place that I have longed to visit for so long :)
    p.s. Love your parents garden...I spotted the vegies and is that an olive tree?

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