July 6, 2006

Im Loving It.....

Fast food chain McDonalds (Australia) along with Leo Burnett advertising have created a beautiful, whimsy'Lighter Choices' television commercial that is so delightful to watch and so effective in capturing ones attention - well it stops me and my boys in our tracks to stare at the TV.

Pretty butterflies float in the breeze, settling on stalks of wheat. Deli Choice filled rolls waft out of the wheat. Apple blossom bursts open tp release little Thumbelina-like figures as muffins float by in the background. A Fruit Smoothie plane flies past a raisin toast bicycle.
To view you will need to copy and paste as the link wont work for some reason
Shame their food is crap huh?? have you tried thir Deli rolls? blah!!

Ive just discoverd one of my favourite magazines Domino
now has a flickr page

Im loving these Fornasetti plates by Rosenthal.
how gorgeous, eerie and striking - I could picture these all grouped together on a wall!


  1. Hey I love that add too, shame it's a McDonalds add...
    I love its whimsy!

  2. Anonymous9:47 PM

    hi there, in answer to your question about the printed cushion... I simply took it to our local printing place. :)

    but I do know that you can buy fabric in different weight that goes through a printer. It's the latest fad in quilting but we live in a small town and that sort of stuff is likely to arrive in five years time!!

  3. I too love the Fornasetti plates. When we lived in Wellington, I used to stroll through Kirkaldie and Stains in my lunch hour. That's "the" department store in Wellington. Anyway, I used to see these plates in there. They are fantastic.

  4. The ad is beautiful! But I never go there - even my boys will choose any other restaurant! I can't eat wheat or dairy, so eating out is very restricted anyhow!

  5. couldnt see the ad but the magazine looks great!!

  6. I LOVE this ad too! My little one and I stop in our tracks everytime it's on too! Also love the cadbury ad's at the moment,YUM!
    I must go check out this magazine, I've never heard of it, and I'm a magazine junkie!Fornasetti is the most wonderful artist, I'm another who used to go into Myer and stare into the plate cabinets in wonder! Thanks for the link to rosie posy too! And I've linked you to me!!!

  7. Hi, you asked if you could join in the goddess swap, from little parcels. Sure, as long as I hear back from you by tomorrow. I will need your postal details as well as your email address & blog URL. thanks!

  8. Oh those plates are scarry!!

    Don't you ever just sometimes won't mc donalds though?

  9. Anonymous5:02 AM

    i couldnt see the ad but it sounds really cute... almost tim burton style though- haha! (as i listen to corpse bride soundtrack)... we dont go to mcdonalds much either but diego likes the nuggets... i dont want him used to fast food though... i wonder if yours is vastly different from ours?

  10. oh yes! somedays u just crave Mcdonalds but I would never go there for a 'healthy' snack....its got to be a BigMac for me heehee
    my kids love the nuggets too plus the happy meal toy


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