July 26, 2006

Pinafore craze...........

Seems like the Pinafore ( or Pinny ) is the latest 'It' dresses to hit town.

I haven't worn a pinafore since primary school! I had to wear this ghastly uniform for the first 6years of school - this is me in year 1 (about 6yrs old) trying not to laugh.

My mother was pretty strict about my sister and I wearing the right school gear. If you think this is bad, you should have seen my highschool uniform! Kilts!!We had a huge pin to hold the skirt in place. A slight breeze would cause our skirts to puff up in the air and we'd run around squealing....totaly embarrased!

I do recall wearing pinafore style dresses in the early 80's during the Malcom McLaren 'Buffalo girl' craze and a grungy version in the mid 90's but the ones out now seem pretty cool!!

here are some Winter ones by two Australian labels ' Lover' and Kate Hurst. I think there will be even cuter ones out in summer that you can team with a plain tee - nice!


  1. Beth's school has just put out a uniform survey and one of the options was a pinafore. Guess what I voted for? Better than the green tracksuit they are in now. No fashion statement. But then the Mum in me says, yeah, but how easy are they to wash and dry?

  2. Why, oh, why doesn't a fashion appear that can be worn by middle aged, middle sized women!

  3. Hi Anastasia!

    I saw your name on the Art Blog Challenge list, recognized your name (from Shopaholic Anonymous) and came a-visiting! Nice blog!

    We too had pinafores in school and I didn't like it all that much. But looking back now, they were the best uniforms I could have ever asked for! We even had to wear short "bloomers" under the pinafores!! Smart and cute!

  4. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I love those dresses. So feminine.

    In Italy we didn't have school uniforms... freedom of choice and a lot of checking what other people wear... very stressful.

  5. you were adorable! I wore a pinafore on my first day at school , a black and white one with a little white shirt underneath and I loved it! Not sure if I could pull it off now at 31? I saw a 40 something year old newsreader with one on last night and it looked so wrong!We will have to have a trying on session to see!

  6. I love that picture of you. How cuuute!

  7. Love the picture of you!! We had a brown coloured uniform including pinafore!!!

  8. Oh Anastasia, this pic is priceless! Love it ~ we didn't have pinafores just green checked dresses!
    I actually keep a very old picture of me from my early school days in my studio. It reminds me of that little girl with all those dreams, and of days that were filled with playing and contentment...
    Time flies, hey?

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