August 23, 2006

Book Worm.........

I love to read!!
Book stores and Pharmacies - two places I cannot resist when I go shopping and I rarely walk out empty handed.
I sometimes avoid logging into Amazon in fear of ending up with a huge pile in my shopping cart – they do tempt you though ….people who bought this also bought this and then show you 5 gorgeous books you just want/need and have to have!!

What are you reading now??
I think I need a new book to read on my upcoming trip (14 days to go!!) ....Would love to hear of any good ones!!?

Im currently reading ‘Bitter Lemons’ by Laurence Durrell, it’s wonderful so far as Laurence writes about living and building a house in the sweet village of Bellapais, Cyprus, in the early 50’s.
This is extra special for me as beautiful Bellapais nestled in the fragrant hill side is my grandfather's birth village.
The chapter on how he bought the house from the Cobbler’s wife is hilarious and he even mentions a character by the name of Frangos which is my grandfather’s mother’s maiden name so I quickly rang my grandfather to talk to him about the book and he remembers the British author and the house he built on the hill!
Very exciting!!
Im definetley going to explore the village once we get to Cyprus!

Bellapais Abbey (image from
my mother spent her childhood summers in the village where her grandparents lived.

Top image is by Jesse Wilcox Smith


  1. Since having the girls, i never seem to have time to read...and if I have time, i will spend it crafting or reading a good mag or....sleeping!!
    Oh your trip sounds great!!!

  2. One of my all time favorites is 'Shadow of the wind'.
    When I bought it, there was a sign: 2 million copies sold. Now I see there is a sign: 5 million copies sold. So, I'n not the only one who likes it... Be prepared to full time reading, as this book will capture you totaly !

  3. At the moment I'm reading "the history of love" by Nicole Krauss, which has simply grabbed me and I cannot stop reading.

  4. I'm currently reading Beverly Lewis's books set in the Pennsylvania "Amish" country. Very intriguing how little they get by with and how hard they work.

  5. Like Julie, since Fiona was born I haven't read an entire book. But I can recommend anything by Isabel Allende, my favourite author of all times.
    Only 14 days to go for vacation? Great!

  6. i'm a huge Isabel Allende fan too...right now i'm into Zorro by her. otherwise, one of my all time favorites is Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett (anything by her is great!!) hope you find something good!! (i love to pass my books on and would mail you a book if i thought it would get there in time)...enjoy your vacation!!

    (love the image from the top of your post...where's it from?)

  7. Kristin - the image is by Jesse Wilcox Smith
    one of my favourite illustrators/artists

    I too love isabel Allende....

  8. oh how fun! i havent read in ages!!!! but i did GET YOUR BOOK IN THE MAIL TODAY! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! IT WILL BE MUCH USED! GOSH, I NEEDED IT! AND THE CHOCOLATES ARE READY TO EAT AFTER diego goes to sleep hahaha!

    thanks so much, you are very sweet!!!!

  9. oh yeah, i like isabelle too

    ever read julia alvarez's work?! to swoon for!!!

  10. What a lovely trip you're going to have! I'll have to check out that book. I read the Alexandria Quartet by him years and years ago. I have the same fear when I go on when I do visit I have to try to contain myself! I'm currently reading "The Bee Season" - very good.

  11. Do you know the film My Family and Other Animals? It's the story of Gerald Durrell (and family) when they were living on Cyprus. It is available on DVD here in the US. I highly recommend it, especially since you have connections.

    Enjoy your trip!

  12. Oh lucky you! I would love to be visiting such a beautiful place right now. Can't wait to hear all about your trip. Alas, my traveling will all be done within good books for you've seen.
    Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed your visit and I'm going to add this book to my reserve list.
    Thank you for the recommendation!

  13. Hi anastasia, I am very envious of your trip too. Be safe!

    I recently finished "Gilead" and "East of Eden" this summer. Both very quintessentially American novels though.

    Now I want to read what your other visitors are recommending. Darn, the list sure seems to grow, a good thing as martha would say.

  14. I hope you are going to have a fabulous trip and can't wait to read about it! I'm yet another Mum who seems to not be able to get through many books these days, but here's a few I loved and could not put down ... the time traveller's wife by audrey niffenegger, the tea rose by jennifer connelley, the sea garden by sam llewellen ,labryrinth by kate mosse, Perfume, by Patrick Suskind and The Life of PI by can't remember!!!! but it was great!


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