August 14, 2006

Monday Drawing - Bird

Here is my drawing for 'Monday Drawing' which was started by Paula and Julie
A cockatoo which was drawn from a bird coaster set that I have at home.
We get many cockatoos flying around near our house, they are beautiful birds!

I was going to try and draw one of my own birds but I couldnt get a good picture and they get so excited and vocal when you go near.

Anyway I had a lovely drawing session this afternoon.
We've had such beautiful fresh weather lately and its so nice to drink tea and draw outside whilst the boys play nearby.

A good start to the week!

Next week's Monday Drawing word is SHOES
anyone is welcome to join in!


  1. Lovely drawing - wish i could have joined you outside drawing!! sounds and looks so nice! Im still doing mine!!

  2. Wow! Great drawing!

  3. Nice sketch of the bird. I like the dark values in the face. So that we focus there. I want to be able to do that, too.

  4. Well done. Lovely drawing! It would have been great if we could all get together "outside" drawing and drinking tea.
    The idea of your birds getting all excited and noisy when you get nearby made me laugh.

  5. Nice drawing. How cool to live where you have these birds flying around outside.

  6. Beautiful drawing! I love the set up you have in that photo, moments to enjoy...

  7. Your birds are beautiful--the real ones and your drawing! And your little girl is adorable!

  8. i agree that your drawing table loooks so inviting!! lovely work...look forward to seeing more! :)

  9. The drawing is very good but what drew my attention is the photo of your patio table. It conjures visions of a blissful afternoon, you lucky chook :-)

  10. Great drawing, weather sounds no nice!

  11. such a beautiful illustration!

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