August 26, 2006

WIP Friday..........

I have lots of spare pillowcases at home as I only use Satin ones to sleep on.
I have super curly hair so cotton pillowcases and curly hair means a messy nest of hair....any curly gal will know what I mean!

I thought Id make a laundry bag for my upcoming trip with one of the pillowcases.
It will be handy to pack my intimates in my suitcase as well so they dont go all over the place - you never know who will open and check your luggage these days.

Some other things to make with spare pillowcases
* Make a little girl's smock dress
* Make a Peg bag for your laundry room
* Use as a slip cover to protect an outfit in your wardrobe
* Store Lettuce in the fridge or store ham at Christmas time

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Very, very cute! I just saw the pillowcase dress idea at turkeyfeathers. No little girls here, though!

  2. Must use you idea of packing undies in a pillowslip when we go away for Christmas. It will be good fo carting the washing to the laudrette while we are on Dartmoor for 4 whole weeks!

  3. Brilliant ideas! Thankyou.
    Hope you have an awesome week.
    Much love xox

  4. It looks great, Anastasia! Thanks for all those ideas.
    I hear you about the hair, mine is super-curly too.

  5. Great suggestions...I love the lettuce keeper. He! He!

  6. You are so clever! All great ideas for using pillow cases. In fact, I just bought one at a thrift store the other day for it's pretty fabric.

    P.S. Thanks for always sending the kindest comments my way! I sure do appreciate you :)


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