November 1, 2006

Do you ever sit and ponder about how some things need changing?
Lately its all Ive been doing....oh nothing serious…..Ive just been thinking that I need a new hairstyle and that our walls could do with a new shade of paint ….maybe a new rug in the family room….or a new bedspread perhaps?
Im sure its because Ive just come back from a long trip as I always seem to get like this after been away….but its all good - change is good! I always have this burst of energy , a craving for freshness, a desire for something new and I just want to plan, make lists that I can tick off as I go along. ...maybe its because Summer is in the air or that Christmas is around the corner, that's always a great feeling isnt it?!

During my trip I got regular pedicures and it felt so nice to have pretty little toes on display and I thought why don’t I do this at home, is it really that much of an effort , dont I deserve to always have pretty feet?
I’m also keen for a new hair style, I just feel ready for a new look, do you ever get like that?
Who wants to stay stuck in a rut?

Look what I picked up at the supermarket in Cyprus.
Two of my favourite mags ' Lucky ' and ' Domino ' published in Greek! How cool that they have their own version of these inspiring mags! Im glad I can read Greek otherwise anyone would think Id have a serious magazine addiction.
The layout and content is very similar to their USA sister mags but itsgreat to peek inside some Greek homes and I love the edgy and unique fashion looks, its such a change from the Eurochic look so popular over there - every second girl was sporting 'Just Cavalli' Jeans, it was starting to look like a uniform!
Have a great day!!


  1. You are right...change is always good..freshen things up..freshen life up - go for it!!

  2. I have been having regular manicures lately. It is lovely to feel pampered for an hour or so and then I have nice nails for a couple of weeks to remind me. A pedicure looks really appealling.

  3. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I love to have pedicures, they are few and far between unfortunatley! Maybe it needs to become a regular thing! and yes change is good, as much as we resist it sometimes!

  4. A new hairstyle sounds like just the thing...
    And I think I need a new haircut too, my fringe is getting so long I can barely see.
    cheers, grache

  5. We all have phases but it is good to have a little change now and then!
    Cant wait to see more pictures of your holiday!

  6. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Yes! It feels so good when we treat ourselves.

  7. What a great photo! I am feeling like I need a new haircut too. I think when I get to Argentina I am going to cut it shorter and start straightening it. I do this every time there is a big change in my life.
    Lucky and Domino's are among my favourite mags too!

  8. a new haircut always works for me!

    Can you email me you address again please? I've got that pattern you asked for you...


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