October 30, 2006

You've got mail!!

It sure was fun going through 6 weeks worth of mail - who doesnt love snail mail, well apart from bills and marketing letters its all good isnt it?
I got some beautiful art cards from some swaps I did back in August!

I was involved in a handmade recipe card swap with 9 talented ladies from the EDM group - look at the beautiful illustrations - I cant wait to try out these gorgeous recipes!

I was also in a handmade card swap hosted by Clare which resulted in these gorgeous cards!

I was extremely pleased to win an online competition - I always enter them (got to be in it to win it!) so it was wonderful to come home to a lovely package from the Lifestyle channel waiting for me!

This book is called Sense of Style: Colour by Shannon Fricke, an australian interior designer. I have yet to sit down and read it, I think I can hear a cup of tea calling me....

Lastly here is what I received from my 'Club Little House' little gift swap partner, Laura. Such a sweet teeny weeny chair and Laura created an applique pillow for it. Those miniture doggies are too cute as well! Thanks Laura!!


  1. Hey! One of those cards up there is mine :-) Hope you enjoy it.

    What a great pile of mail to open. It must be like Christmas time, lucky girl.

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I just love that Colour Book! I'ts so fabulous!!!

  3. Oh lots of goodies...that book looks great!!!!!

  4. oh my goodness!!! what a way to come home!!! it beats having bills, eh?! i am just swooning over here :D

  5. Wow - those ATCs are absolutely amazing!! Hope your trip was lovely! What wonderful mail! What is the EDM group? Enjoy looking at all your pretty things!

  6. That is wonderful mail! I am leaving for Argentina soon, so I hope I have some snail mail fun when I come back too!


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