November 15, 2006

December 5th.....

Okay its marked in my diary...Ive done it! made an appointment with an Orthodontist that is. ... Am I mad (no!), crazy (maybe?), Vain (never!!)

The past year I havent been feeling too good about my bottom teeth and its not like Im paranoid or cant stand to smile or talk but I just dont like the overcrowding - everything is looking wonky and squashed. One tooth has managed to lift up higher than the other - just like at a rock concert in the mosh pit! haha...

Anyway its a huge two year commitment and a lot of money. Gosh why didnt I need them as a teen when my parents would have paid?? haha

I think Im ready...gulp... do 35 year olds (okay almost 36 ) get called metal mouth? Ive heard some horror stories that its very very painful...will I dribble when I eat or will I have to brush my teeth 10 times a day, can I still make out (with my husband of course!).......


  1. Would never dream of calling such a brave person 'metal mouth'. You must keep us appraised on your progress.

  2. The last paragraph is too funny! I'm sure you're gonna be ok. :)

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM

    oh my Ace! I never would've noticed you need braces. I've been needing them too (upper & lower) and just keep putting it off. The idea of all that metal & ulcers as a result are enough to make me cringe. But I need them, plus other major dental work. I was the one who got my mum's teeth, my bro's both inherited my dad's good teeth.

    All the best with your appt. You might just make me take that final step of getting mine done sooner rather than later!

  4. Oh don't feel bad, you'll be adorable. I had braces as a teenager and now my teeth are crooked again. Thanks to my orthodontist who didn't emphasize how important it was to actually wear the retainer.


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