November 6, 2006

The Elephants have arrived.....

We went to Taronga Zoo on Sunday and were really excited that the Thai Elephants had arrived after a two year wait as well as lots of protests!

It was raining most of the day but we stuck it out and can you believe I completely forgot to take a picture of the Elephants!!
I guess with the rain and the crowds I just forgot! They were wonderful playing in the water and having fun! Im sure they love their new 14million dollar home that was built just for them!
I did however take a picture of the giraffes, my favourite animal ever!
Here is Neo stroking a blue tongue lizard - so cute! Peter ran a mile away....and I just had to show you the amazing view of our gorgeous city of Sydney and its stunning harbour....don't the mountain goats have a pleasant sight everyday?


  1. You got a great photo of the giraffes though! It doesn't look very warm there but I guess it must be warming up now? BTW, did you change your hairstyle??

  2. awwww your son is so precious!!! and it looked like alot of fun!!!

  3. Great photos!!! I love taking loads of photos of all teh animals in the zoo!

  4. How fun!!! I hope I can take Fiona to the zoo in Buenos Aires {we are leaving Thursday}
    That is a beautiful view!


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