December 11, 2006

Attack of the Toys.........

I have to remind myself that when I look at beautiful images in deocrating magazines, its not cant be!!
All the homes and rooms seem so calm, the colour scheme is perfect, everything is in its place and clutter free.
Well I dont know about your house, but mine at the moment seems to be taken over by huge, bright colourful toys that just drive me crazy as we have no storage room left!!!
we started off with 1 large toy box and are now onto our third plus the garage is full of more bulky toys!
Im freaking out because Christmas is 3weeks away and I know we'll be getting more toys to add to the collection!
Ive been thinking of updating my boys room for a while now. They are getting past the baby/little boy stage (boohoo). I spotted the two magazine images below and love them both...but deep down I just know what I have in mind is not going to stay that way for long.


  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    My house is under attack of the toys too! AGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. I am freaking out about the Christmas presents to come too. I just sit there on December 26th thinking, where am I going to put all this stuff? I love the two pics of the rooms, beautiful.


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