December 28, 2006

Vintage Children's books - love them!!

I love old Children's books and have a growing collection.
Everything 'vintage' is getting quite pricey in Australia and its obvious people have a yearning for things of yesteryear....
I love a good bargain so here are some cute books I found recently!
Ive also started a flickr set on Vintage Images where I will be adding some cute vintage illustrations from my books that I love so much!

I found this book 'I love Dolls' in the country town Orange for only 5cents!!!

Pussy's Doll - 1957

This book, ' Escapade' by John S Goodall is only 20 years old but I love silhouette graphics
and the book has no words, only beautiful black and white images!

This image comes from a book called 'Curly Locks' and was published in 1912! Stunning

A great blog for more vintage images is Prints Charming
and I recently found this website, Childrens Books online which has an extensive library section with amazing vintage images!!


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    yeah i love those kinda books too :) are they easy to find in australia?? we have alot of places here but sometimes they overcharge and i think that is foul.... i like going to the school rummage sales- i find the best deals and the best books there :)

  2. Beautiful illustrations,I especially love the little girl with the doll house!

  3. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog! And saw your gorgeous swap gifts over at Jungle Dream Pagoda!

    This holiday dh and I went to a used bookstore that had tons of "Little Golden Books." I wanted to snatch them all up, but couldn't justify it to dh so I passed. Plus we were traveling and that is always a problem with luggage!

    Happy New Years!

  4. Hey! Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I joined EDM! I first heard about it on your blog, so...I dunno...guess I thought you may be interested

    :) D

  5. These are all charming and some of my favorite things are vintage children's books.
    Thank you for the great links!

  6. Happy New Year Anastasia!!!

  7. What great pictures! :) My calendar in the kitchen this year is highlights from the Little Golden Books - this month is the Poky Puppy. :)

  8. i am in love with vintage children's books!!! on of my favorite children's books is out of print but you can sometimes buy it online. whenever i find it i try to buy up a ton of copies whenever i find it on ebay (because they are often falling apart)...still your boys will probably like the story, the book is called "THE BOY WHO FOOLED THE GIANT"~by TAMARA KITT xo, Melanie


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