January 29, 2007

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Every now and then I love to have Saturday all to myself – I leave the kids at home with Andrew and just head out to the shops or markets, even grocery shopping is fun when solo!
On Saturday my sister and I drove up the road to Summer Hill (just like my favourite fragrance Summer Hill by Crabtree & Evelyn… try it if you get a chance - divine!!)

Peter, my 4year old upon hearing we were going somewhere special totally flipped out crying so I gave in and he came along too….
First we stopped at Babycakes by Renee where we had our mid morning coffee fix, Peter his babycinno and we all tried some cupcakes, delicious!
Their menu is ever so cute! Retro-inspired cupcake illustrations showing all their yummy varieties. The smell of the shop is amazing - vanilla, sugar and all things nice baking away in the ovens.

Our next stop was ‘Reclaim by Monica’, a gorgeous shop selling both new and old goodies – very shabby chic! Some things I loved - gorgeous pearl and bead wreaths, Italian almond milk soaps, ceramic coral jewellery holders, vintage ABC prints…lovely lovely stuff, such a delightful shop!!

Vanessa had such a great post about one of her favourite shops Bon, that I thought it would be cool to show you one of my favourite shops too so I took my camera along on the outing. Do you think I could do anything with Peter around…most of my time was spent saying ‘Be Careful’ , ‘Don’t touch’, ‘Watch out’…you get the drift. …
Some pretty pics on their website though!

After that we went to Reverse Garbage not far from my home…such a cool place to find odd bits and pieces….I scored some beautiful fabric scraps, aren’t they stunning?? They have huge bins full of stuff and you can normally fill a big bag for $6. The top piece is Ralph Lauren fabric which is very pricey in Australia and this large piece only cost me $1 … I love this vintage tin too, the cherubs are darling! It’s a little rusty inside but Im going to line it with pretty paper and it will make a new home for my threads!

So what did you get upto this weekend??


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Sounds like a wonderful day out - how different is it without the kids though...ive forgotten what its like!!!
    I also had a great weekend but entailed no shopping!!

  2. What a great shopping day. Totally relate to the don't touch and be carefull bit. Somebody just told me that the reverse garbage (our's is called reverse art truck) which is a very short walk away from me, sells fabric offcuts. I nearly fainted! This will be my first port of call next week when I am a lady of leisure for two hours with one at school and the other at kinder!

  3. Anonymous1:17 AM

    sounds like a lovely lovely day. i love finding time for sitting in cafes and wandering through pretty shops. it just doesn't happne often enough!

  4. I love, love that cupcake menu! You could frame it. We had a soccer game with our oldest, Girl Scout meeting, church and errand shopping. Nothing as fun as the time that you had. I tend to do that during the week when my kiddos are in school.

  5. I love that cupcake shop!! It would be my dream to own a bakery as lovely as that. Maybe I could wear a lovely dress and eat a cupcake very soon!

  6. what a lovely day! i am swooning over that cupcake menu... such wonderful illustrations and so tantalizing!

  7. Anonymous5:00 AM

    How lovely!!!!! Thank you for the links! Yes, you are right. Too bad we can not go out shopping together...These places look so fun!!!!!

  8. Sounds like a perfect day out! I miss doing the same with my sister...
    The fabric and tin are to die for...I have such a thing for collecting both!!
    Thanks for the links, I'm off to check them out now :)

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog, and moreso I am glad I came to see your blog!! Delightful! Want interesting shops! I love looking at old things!!

  10. Anonymous8:52 PM

    wow, you had a great shopping day! I love having days like this too! Reclaim sounds and looks fabulous and babycakes does too! I love reerse garbage too, used to go there a lot when I was studying window dressing for interesting props!

  11. There is nothing nicer than a Saturday spent exactly how you want it to be. The website for Reclaim was really interesting, the shops look much like a shop over here called RE-found objects where I find myself getting lost amongst the wonderous things!

    I spent the weekend working in the garden on saturday (bliss) and working-working on sunday (tiring!) :)

  12. nothing quite like shopping at your favourite stores. Cupcakes lovely, sounds expensive though.

  13. Sounds a wonderful weekend. Ours was very nice, as well, and sunny, too, but cold...brrrr...especially for Texas even in the winter. The shops sound lovely. I especially like the fabric. And those cupcake drawings...yummmmmm.

  14. Oh, what a lovely day! All the stores sound so nice! {love those cupcakes!}
    We stayed home this weekend, little fiona has a cold :'{

  15. Lucky you. I know what you mean about even grocery shopping being fun,I shop while my little petal is at dance class.Grocery shop ,that is. This weekend I was at a rehearsal studio all day ,both days.

  16. All I got to do was the groceries. I have been promising myself a trip to Reverse Garbage for years. One of these days I just might get there.


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