January 11, 2007

Fun Happenings.....
Cant wait to join in on the fun at Risa's virtual Tea Party this Friday (Saturday for us aussies)!
I hope you can come too....
The Victoria Room in Sydney does beautiful high tea, I'll have to go sometime and take lots of pictures to share with you all.
I wonder what blend of tea Alice and her friends are enjoying??


  1. Ill be there!!!
    Do they serve scones with jam and cream at the Victoria Room???

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I don't know what kind, but it must be decaffeinated because the dormouse is sleeping! (grin)

  3. Anonymous11:15 PM

    I would love for you to share pictures from Victoria room, from the website it looks gorgeous! This will be one Alice in Wonderland party for us all :) You think they're having Earl Grey?

  4. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Hi Anastasia - Congratulations on being my first blog commenter. I really miss home at the moment- where in sydney are you? It is windy and rainy here in old blighty but it sure is cosy.

  5. Anonymous12:44 AM

    yay! so glad you can come. :)

  6. It sounds like you had a great time at the Victoria Tea Room! Looking forward to hearing about it. In answer to your question if it's cold in Europe... parts of it were really cold, but no snow. We came home last night to a snow storm and lost luggage with all our winter coats and boots somewhere in transit!!!!! So, it's colder here at home, than it was over there.

  7. Anonymous11:47 AM

    See you there!

  8. Are you coming Anastasia? Ive been waiting for you a couple of hours!

  9. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I've heard that the high tea there is just lovely as well...maybe one day we can meet up there for a cup of tea, a few sweet treats and a good catch up...maybe an ATC swap in person....really enjoying your ATCS....


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