January 16, 2007

A Little Romance ....

I completed 3 Valentine ATCs for a swap that Lia so kindly invited me to join in over at Flickr

One more ATC to complete ...that will be tonight's little project, I have something sweet in mind ....

I love going through my craft supplies and papers and I have folders of favourite magazine clippings that I love to pour over and get inspired by all over again!
There is nothing more exciting as getting new craft goodies - Ive been eyeing Ruby St Designs and their Ephemera collections sure look tempting!

' Summer Love'

'Always On my Mind'

'Your Tender Touch'

There is a new Vintage Valentine
photo group on Flickr. Ive added some of my vintage cards and plan to add more! Check it out as everyones cards are so adorable!!
Edited to add ATC No.4
'A Lover's Song'


  1. These are so cute, Anastasia! I love the colours, too! I'm fond of blue and purple and it's not often those colours are paired successfully. You've done it beautifully!

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Oooo. Loves for sure. How can you part with them? How?

  3. I agree with Bonny. I like the colors you've chosen. They make your ATC's stand out a bit from the ones I usually see. They turned out great!
    I enjoyed seeing all of the vintage Valentines too. Thank you for the link!

  4. What fun! I hadn't thought of making things for Valentine's day (it's a pretty neglected holiday here). Very pretty ATCs, and thanks for the link to the Kitty Fisher jewellery, it's adorable!

  5. i love them all... beautiful colors & images!
    i used to do so much collage with a dear friend in college, and since we moved to different cities i haven't really done it... your work inspires me to dig out my boxes of paper & images and try again!

  6. these are lovely...I've been wanting to get into that "vintage look" w/ my cards and scrapbooking, but i don't have any vintage photos :(

    still, you've done an awesome job!

    how does one get involved w/ one of these swaps?

    :) D

  7. These are marvelous,I especially like "always on my mind".

  8. Cute collages. I specially like the 2nd one.

  9. Your atcs are fabulous! The images are perfect! And thanks so much for your comments on my last blog post--I was on the fence about posting it and your comment made me feel like it was ok to share it with everyone. It really meant a lot to me! xo-Melfie


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