January 19, 2007

What are Little Girls made of.....

Sugar and spice and all things nice!!

I find it very amusing that my sister, a tomboy growing up is now a mum to two gorgeous girls and me, the one off with the fairies, doll loving girly girl had two boys but Im so grateful to have my two nieces in my life...perfect excuse to make cute girly gifts for them!

I made these crochet headbands and I think they quite like them!

I found the pattern in The Australian women's weekly and they were really simple to make. I sewed some beads on the edges for a little princess sparkle.

Here is the pattern if you want to try.


  1. these are so cute. I have just started to try a bit of crochet so these will be another simple project. I have managed tea towel toppers so far. Im still finding it hard to take to

  2. I love crochet, it's such a lovely, relaxing occupation, especially if you're making something like an Afghan. Those are such pretty flowers, love 'em :)

  3. Very, very cute. I can only crochet with a chain stitch. I'm tagging you on my blog today!

  4. Anonymous3:42 AM

    What a cute headband and easy too! My kind of projects...LOL

  5. the headbands and the model are so beautiful, Anastasia! I need to learn to crochet.

  6. These look so sweet! You've done a lovely job and I really like the addition of the beads.

  7. Anonymous6:23 PM

    these are so sweet! unfortunately i have not been able to master the crochet hook :(

  8. Your nieces are gorgeous! I love crochet, but have never really managed to make anything (properly).
    These little flowers are so sweet...and look divine on your nieces.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

  9. Hi Anastasia!
    These headbands are so beautiful and the beads are just the right touch! Thanks for sharing the link, i might try to make one. Your nieces look so sweet and beautiful.

  10. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Hi Hi Hi .......love the hairbands..god i miss the womens weekly .

  11. I am so glad I had a little girl to play with. They are such fun. Unfortunately, she is 21 now....luckily I have 2 neices as well...I can play with them when I am in need of Fairy Time!
    Love your blog!


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