February 17, 2007

Fridays with my little Neo....
How I love my Fridays!
I know there is no need to rush and get out of bed, frantic to make it out of the house and drop the boys off then drive to work and manage to make it on time...even that leisurely extra 10 minutes or so in bed is wonderful......stretching or silent and still ...listening to my boys waking up or chatting to each other, it puts a smile to my face - I love that they share a room, I hope I can get away with it for a while yet, I just think it really makes them bond ....
Peter has started at a new Pre-School this year so at 9.00am we put Neo in the stroller and walk there as its so close to home - perfect!
Then its Neo and me spending Fridays together ....
we go to the local cafe for Cappucino's (babycinno for Neo) and do the grocery shopping, sometimes we go to Grandma's for morning tea or for a play in the Park.
I love having that time with him, alone, all the attention on him - he loves it too!
Working part time is ideal for me, dont shoot me but I just couldnt stay at home full time, it would drive me crazy!!! Its ideal for some families but I think having that balance in my life makes me a better mother - It sure makes me appreciate the time I spend with my boys and I do the best I can!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. What a blissfully wonderful day, Anastasia! You lucky girl!

    Cute photos of Neo, too. The close cropping is great.

  2. My two boys (now 35 and 33) shared a room until high school and your comments made me remember many wonderful moments listening to them. They then shared an apartment for 2 years in graduate school and still loved being roomates. I was also a working mother and agree with your sentiments completely. Great pictures of Neo. What a cutie!

  3. gorgoeous pics...such a shame we cant join each other...shelly is in nursery on friday morns and im with ella...well, actually its like that everyday!!! But we could meet for coffee with the little ones on friday!!! :)

  4. I couldn't wait to get back to work after my first child. Both mine went to an amazing creche on the site of the offices in which I worked. Sometimes I'd watch them through my office window rolling in the autumn leaves with the other children. I worked part time too and it was just perfect. Due to illness I don't work anymore but I do beleive that the children benefited from their time at creche.

  5. What an adorable child! I also remember the joy of going back to work part-time.

  6. I hear you,on appreciating your time with them! I have been working nights (with my show ) and its such a pleasure to see them during the day!

  7. It's good you found your balance and I think you are right when you say that it makes you appreciate the time you spend with your boys.
    Neo is such a sweet...he sure is happy.
    Hope you are having a great weekend

  8. Hi Anastasia, looks like little Neo appreciates these times as well. You always have come across as a well balanced woman and that it very admirable! XXo, Vanessa ps: If you can. sneak over to the slumber party. we are having a blast!!!

  9. what a wonderful friday. the balance sounds perfect... you time and family time... and having the balance makes each part of life more peaceful and lovely. i love these pictures of your little one too :)

  10. Anastasia, what gorgeous pictures of Neo, looks like he is enjoying himself. My younger sister and I shared a bedroom until I was about 10 I think, I can remember us getting in trouble from my Dad regularly before we went to sleep because we would stay up talking and playing games.

  11. Wonderful photos, Anastasia! Happy Friday - Simple pleasures are the best!

  12. your fridays sound ideal to me! it is so great that you know what you need to do as a mother and as a person.
    i love neo's little face in this pic, he seems soooo happy!


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