February 23, 2007

My Mum says Hi....

I love popping over to my mum and dads....they only live 5 minutes walk away from me and their house is always abuzz with things happening, neighbours dropping by, the TV blaring really loudly...

Dont get me started on my mum and her TV addiction. Their TV is permanantly fixed onto the Greek Channel especially the Greek talk shows - if you know any Greeks you'll know that we talk very loud and always interupt each other so you can imagine the comotion blarring from the screen....when my brother in law first met my family he asked my sister why we're always shouting at each other, ha! how embarrasing!

The end of Summer is near and I took some pictures of the edible goodies from my parents garden.
Some freshly cut Zuchhini flowers ready to be stuffed with seasoned rice and baked....some ripe figs, these are quite sun damaged and probably the last batch we'll have - so sweet and perfect with Ricotta cheese and honey! My dad's fig tree has been going strong for years now - we've eaten SO many figs (and so have the birds!) Andrew planted one in our backyard but it hasn't been very succesful.

Green Olives from my parents olive tree are soaking in brine, it will be weeks before they are ready for eating. I always serve my green olives with crushed coriander seeds, lots of garlic, olive oil and a splash of white vinegar.

Here is my mum's work-in-progress - a heavy and thick crochet blanket that she is making just for (lucky) me! She's been at it for months and months, its almost finished now... thanks mum!


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I love this post. It is full of life and spirit. The only thing missing is a glass of wine.
    Lots of lurve, Nicole xox.

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    oh how lovely...mmm..zuchhini flowers and figs..delicious!!!!!
    Your Mum sounds lovely and the blanket looks gorgeous!

  3. What a great family you have! I spent my holidays in Crete last year and the people there where just as loud and friendly :)

  4. so much goodness in this post! the visits to your parents sound so nice... lovely to be so close! and all the edibles... olives + flowers + figs... yum. i love your description of the greek tv too :)

  5. Eh! Eh! I know exactly what you mean about shouting...in portugal we are the same and I always feel embarraced :D
    All these discriptions of food are all so familiar, except the zucchini flowers. But the olives and figs...ummmm...love them.
    Fernando and I are lucky to owe a piece of land with lots of old olive trees. It is a wonderful place. Unfortunately it's very far from where we live :(
    And yes crochet blankets so typical in here as well.
    Thank for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. sorry... I meant to say "own" and not "owe" a piece of land...gosh I need to practice my english :)

  7. Mmmmmm, it all looks soooo gooood! I love stuffed zucchini flowers, fig and oives! That's it, I'm coming over for dinner! Ha, ha. You're lucky I live on another continent.

    Your crocheted blanket is gorgeous. I bet you can't wait for it to be done.

  8. that blanket looks so beautiful! your mom is talented, just like you.
    you are making me hungry, i wouldn't mind the yelling if i was going to eat like that!

  9. Thise squash blossoms look delicious!!! The first time I ever had squash blossom soup was in Mexico City and I nearly licked the bowl clean it was so good!! I want to go visit your parents, too!

  10. yum, yum, yum. i wish i had a family of such wonderful cooks and boisterious personalities.

  11. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Yep. Just as I thought. You completely understand my family. We are very similar. Not a word in, lots of loud voices, your ears even heart the voices are so loud. What goregous photographs!!!And the blanket!!! and the olives and figs!!! I was with a Greek Cypriot for 7 years.. so, this is all so familiar for me.....xxo, Vanessa

  12. Anonymous2:13 AM

    hee hee! jewish families like to yell at each other too. it's funny how you get totally used to it and only notice when an outsider enters.
    and love that blanket!

  13. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Guess what was blaring in my mum's house when I walked in??? Something like this, a dramtaic potent loud spanish channel..."Mi amore, Renato, por favor, no me dejees, te amo (crying) (screaming) Te Odio, idiota, Por Favor, por favor, por favor" Aye aye aye, my goodness!!More drama than I can handle.

  14. it all sounds so delicious. Can I come over for dinner?

  15. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I am in awe of your figs and olives, it is always so strange to hear people talking about growing such wonderful and exotic fruit - I can't imagine growing anything like that here!

    The blanket looks very intricate and warm - definitely useful at this time of year :)

  16. Anonymous11:15 PM

    how funny. When my husband first had dinner with my family he was really quiet and afterwards he asked my what the argument was all about... everything was talking loud and over everybody else...

    But it's normal for us!!!

    I love zucchini flowers....mmmm

  17. ahhh, this post has made me home-sick for my Parents'! I used to live only 5 minutes walk away too!
    You could have been describing their place and them, and seeing all the delicious things they grow has taken me down memory lane!!!
    Thanks for the smile.

    I'm in awe of your Mum's handiwork, stunning!
    xo Kali (:

    p.s. Mark was the same as your B.I.L., when he first my clan..HAHA!

  18. I love this old post of yours. Your family sound a lot like mine. They live nearby, their home is always buzzing as well and the tv is fixed on the Greek channel.

    I'm now craving olives (why can I never find olives as nice as the ones my mum prepares?) and figs. My goodness I could eat a large bowl full of figs right now.


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