February 21, 2007

Sail Away........

Last night the city of Sydney was in traffic gridlock but we ventured into town anyway to join in on the celebrations of the cruise liner ‘Queen Mary II’ as she was ready to leave our shores to sail away for Hong Kong.

She was only here for one day but what a grand entrance she made arriving very early in the morning - as she entered Sydney Harbour, hundreds of ferries and sailing boats surrounded and followed her and people cheered on.

It was a fun night and felt like New Years Eve with thousands of people flocking to the Harbour to have a good look and they even had a spectacular fireworks display which the boys loved!
I took a few photos but it was so dark they didn’t come out so here is one that I found online. What a huge fanfare for a cruise liner but I love it!!! Any occasion to be make people happy and excited is fine by me! the atmosphere was wonderful and it was a perfect end of Summer evening!

The 'Queen Mary II 'stands at 28 storeys high, she is pure luxury and looks amazing but some people have forked up to $250,000 for an 80 day world cruise. Well honey that’s just crazy! ... but I guess if you have that kind of money to spend then good for you....people are paying more for Britney Spears hair so go figure....

Haha… don’t know about you but I can find lots of other ways to spend that kind of money!

Some pics of Sydney Skyline...St Mary's Catherdral, Centre Point Tower and the Art Gallery of NSW....


  1. What a fun way to spend the evening.

  2. An 8 day cruise is not how I would spend that money at all! :) I might come see you though... ;) What fun, what a huge vessel...The picture looks gorgeous but it looks outrageously huge. It made me think of the Titanic. The way everyone stood cheering and waving.....I know the story is overtold, but it still makes me sad. I am not a big boat kind of girl, but I like looking at them. Actually, I am not the kind of girl to go anywhere where I can not exit by foot at my leisure. So, it seems like flying to see might take me flying with my anastesiologist (spelling???) and tons of the little bottles of liquor. hee. I think I love those vintage posters....They are charing.

  3. What a glorious boat. Your photo is amazing! 80 days...wow, can you image the suitcases!

  4. I've benn on too cruises, they were amazing. The first around the carabiean, the second around the mediteranean. They weren't on the The Queen Mary though ! However my mother has been on there, but she was a bit disappointed and said the QE2 was better. Oh too be retired !! lol..

  5. sydney looks so beautiful! i would love to visit someday {maybe i can take the flight from buenos aires that goes through the south pole}.
    it sounds like such a fun night, and you are right, an occassion to celebrate is always welcome.


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