March 26, 2007

Home Comforts......

Today for the first time in many months I wore a cardigan.

I dont mind as I actually love cardigans ( I told ya I was into granny chic) and Im even happy to say goodbye to the warm weather and send it off on its off you to my friends in the northen hemisphere who are so eagerly waiting for you with open more crazy coloured Vodka cruisers during lazy sunny lunches , or cold coffee frappe and chilled beer ...

anyway this change in the weather caught us off guard and totaly ruined our weekend plans (all outdoor activities) so we stayed home most of the time, ordered spicy Thai takeout and watched 'The comedy channel' (and the rain)....

Last night I glued some pretty pictures in a blank journal....nothing fancy just some images that I liked the look of.

Im so thrilled to be involved in Cruststations home project along with some very inspiring woman. I cant wait to start thinking of and planning my room but I do that all the time anyway...

we hope to move within a year or so and I spend a lot of time dreaming about turning a new house into a home.

Its a little scary too as I know my taste changes often and I cant really say I have a decor style as a lot of different looks appeal to me.

Home decor is so trendy these days and there are always new things to 'ohhh' and 'ahhh' over....Id say Im more a classic contempary fan and love accents that have a vintage feel thrown into the mix.

I know Im not a fan of modern homes as I much prefer old homes with strong bones, beautiful features a feeling of warmth, love and lots of history. My man on the other hand loves the modern look...clutter free, open spaces, glass, metal....its going to be a challenge but Im happy to face it when the time comes!


  1. Congratulations for making it on the team. How exciting for you. You can keep some of the hot weather if you would like. The only thing I like about summers in Arizona are swimming in our pool everyday.

  2. Anonymous2:20 AM

    We are going to have fun aren't we!!

  3. thanks for the warm weather push!! i think Peanut and i will be heading outdoors to play for the first time in a looooong time! :) xo

  4. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Ooh, the familiar sound of differences in taste-I prefer old houses too especially ones with high ceilings and bay windows (Victorian or Georgian)! Thank you for sending the warm weather over here, I adore cardigans-you can get some very trendy ones these days, asymmetrical with big buttons perhaps? -thanks for mentioning the project, I'm so excited :)

  5. oh i want to move too and redecorate from the beginning! I dream of buying an old place and starting from scratch!!

  6. Yes! Warm weather be gone with you! You can always get warm, but it has been impossible to keep cool this summer. And sweat is not a good look.

  7. oooooo I like cardigans too. I have to say that I am not quite as willing to see the warm weather leave us. My tastes change too - it leaves me very confused at times.

  8. I put on a pair of socks last night! Simple pleasure, I know, but I am so over the heat and humidity I could just scream.

  9. Enjoy your cardigans and cooler weather!! I'm enjoying the spring here but know our hot, humid summer is right around the corner! Your vodka drink looks fabulous! xo-Melfie

  10. How fun,for things to JUST be urning cold for you! MMM ,that ice coffee looks yummy!
    Its sooo interesting,my hub and I have really found a balance( a precarious one) (he sez' its more me than him,but I am the woman afterall!),we DO both love the modern clean aesthetic,BUT I adore tchotskes and goo-gaws!
    I love old houses too! My last home was built in 1913,boy ,that was a hard one to move away from,good thing I love this home even more!!!

  11. as you look forward to autumn, i am eyeing those vodka chillers and cold coffees :)
    i am very torn with my design taste and i don't think at this point i think i have a coherent 'style'... i love old houses and the history there, the unusual details. but i am drawn to the modern, clean-lined, spare style too... though i am too cluttered to ever pull it off :)

  12. Anonymous3:43 PM

    this home project looks great, must go and check it out! I totally agree with you on the old bones house over the modern one, love your scrapbook pages and I'm wearing a cardi right now!!!!! Winter is coming, no more daylight savings, oh no!

  13. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Wow it sounds really interesting. I have lots of ideas for how I'd like the house to look - it's just the money to make it happen hehe.

    I'm with you on granny-chic, after all, I'm knee-deep in granny squares at the moment! Enjoy your Autumn weather and keep sending some Spring vibes our way, we're due rain and hail tomorrow!

  14. Well, we here in Texas are getting your warm Australian weather!! But I'm ready for warm...just not the HOT that is ahead.

  15. Love the 2nd collage ... so feminine.
    Yes please send us warm weather over here ... it has been windy and chilly all week, despite the sunny skies.

  16. how fun! i can't wait to see what you come up with.
    thanks for the warm weather, it seems like it is here to stay now.


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