April 2, 2007

Fashionable girls + 80's chick....

Some illustrations I completed for a swap, they are off in the mail headed to Adelaide and New York.
I hope the girls like them!
I always leave everything to the last minute and then panic and rush...do you ever get like that? I need to get myself organised! My blog helps though as it pushes me to complete projects.
Next up is an ATC swap with Robyn and I need to finish a tea inspired art piece.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
On Friday night my sister and I went to see 80's singer Howard Jones...gosh that took me back some years.
I suprised myself as I even rememberd most of the songs and even sang along. We had a brilliant night and it was funny scanning the crowd, all 35 -50 year olds.

...gosh I was 15 when he was really popular. I was totaly into the 'new wave' british music scene and even sported a bob cut hairdo with a long tail that I'd pin inside my hair so my dad wouldnt see it! haha ....he did and then had the honour of cutting it off!
I loved Culture Club and Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet with their handsome faces and stylish clothes - dove gray double breasted suits with the huge shoulder pads and pink shirts! Those boys were hot!!
As a teen I couldnt wait to get to London....for me it was THE place to be!
I did get there at age 20 on my first major trip overseas...I wasnt disappointed!
I've always loved London and still do, its one of my favourite cities!
Ever since Duran Duran did a come back tour, 80's popstars are coming out of the woodwork....The Pet Shop Boys are in town doing a concert this Friday, what a shame its Easter or I would have been there for sure!!


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Can I be the yellow girl? That is something you'd often find me doing, sitting cross-legged in the garden! Love all of the pictures and I'm glad you enjoyed your concert - I think I've got concert fever, just booked another one!
    Have a great week :)

  2. love all these fashion illustrations! and the pet shop boys... my absolute favorite 80s band. i adore them.

  3. i love, love those illustrations! especially the one with the yellow dress.
    80s are back, baby! i really don't know if it is an entirely good thing.
    have a great week, anastasia!

  4. What a wonderful fashion set you have designed here! So well done.

  5. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Your fashion illustrations are absolutely fabulous! Glad you had a good time at the concert, loved the story with your hair :)

  6. Lovely sketches. I always wanted to go to design school to be able to draw thing like that!! THANKS FOR MY BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! IT makes me so greatful that you remembered!!

  7. Anonymous10:53 AM

    "Things can only get betttttter, whoa whoa whoaaa ooo oa, whoaaa ooo, oooo oh..." Was it a blast? Does he still have white blond crazy hair???

  8. Love the illustrations and your memories. I was in my 20's in the 80's but I'm a little older and much more rock 'n roll and R&B than you!

  9. Anonymous9:17 PM

    great illustrations! Wow, what memories, I loved the Span Ballet Boys too and Duran Duran !!! Your'e making me want to dig out all my old cassette tapes!!

  10. These drawings are fantastic!! Quite ironic that I posted about fashion drawings tonight! THanks for your comments on my blog. And yes, it is wonderful to hear from another Aussie blogger!! There aren't that many of us at the moment! I have just added a link to your site on my sidebar. Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous6:03 AM

    I love these. Too fun! I want to draw some now.

  12. Love these designs!!

  13. Anonymous3:36 PM

    maybe you should think of a career in fashion illustration...these are wonderful!!!!!!

    I was so into Nik Kershaw...i lived 5 mins from Wembley Stadium and on a windy day got to hear some of the concerts for free!!!!

  14. I must confess for me it was Atom Ant,loved him,love the fashion illustrations!

  15. He!He! Times goes so fast doesn't it?

  16. Wow! These are really awesome :D So beautiful. Glad you like the ones I made you! :D

  17. Just loving these drawings they are fantastic!


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