April 30, 2007


Bessie had always been a good girl. Keep yourself neat" her grandmother had always said...
But lately, she had been yearning for adventure. She just wasn't ready to settle down with Jack Jr of Brampstons Furniture Emporium and he had been calling on her rather a lot lately. She dreamt of exotic places and the stories they held. Her passbook account held enough for a ticket and lodgings, and so with a feeling of determination which was becoming increasingly familiar, Bessie booked her one way ticket on the oceanliner 'Strathaird', departing Circular Quay for England, June 11 1948.
Her voyage of discovery was just beginning ......

that is her journey and this is what I created in Bessie's book....hope you like it! more to come soon!

So this weekend was full of creativity as I spent all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning at Freestyle Downunder. It was awesome!!!!
It was great to meet Rhonna and she is so sweet and petite and full of energy. I loved her American Accent and her enthusiasm 'You're all doing great!! Awesome!! ' she chirped....her paper designs are beautiful!
The class ‘Art Attack’ was so much fun but pretty full on and I kept lagging behind …they should have named it Heart Attack…haha!
Im so use to crafting at such a slow leisurely pace, no wonder I never find time to make stuff for my non-existent Etsy shop!
You can see the mini journal I made in Rhonna’s class below. Lovely!!
I’ll show you what I made in Emily’s class after I finish it. I got home and wasn’t happy with the colours I chose so I took everything off the canvas, re-painted it in white gesso and will start again!

On the way home I stopped at to the
Vintage Fair not far from my house…Ohhh I felt so bad as I hadn’t seen the boys all morning (mother guilt!!) so I quickly ran around the stands, spotted so many treasures…lovely fabrics, vintage coats, silk scarfs and some lady like leather T-bar shoes from the 40’s ….so nice! I just couldn’t fork out $120 for 60year old shoes…ohhh they were beautiful!!

Things weren’t cheap but I did find a large Burda pattern book from 1963, the ones that you’d find in the Harbedashary stores – so many vintage illustrations of woman’s clothing, bridal and cute kid images too! Its so thick 1000 pages for $25! When I get some spare time (yoohoo spare time where are you??) I’ll add some images to my flickr and to the collage image group for all to share. I also bought a small bag full of lacey trims and scrap ribbons …nice!!


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  2. cruststation9:54 PM

    Your journal book is absolutely beautiful, I love everything about it, particularly the brown ticket envelope and the ticket. Can't wait to see your Vintage Fair haul :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I know what you mean about those classes. They are fast paced. I worked as a teaching assistant at convention and I only saw a few students that finished any of the projects.

  4. This is soooo beautiful!!!

  5. I love your journal Anastasia - the writing and the beautiful way you've designed it.

  6. what a fabulous weekend! i am loving the story of bessie. lovely story and beautiful artwork... and i love the journal you made in your class... great fun! xo

  7. love that journal and bessie's story! the classes sound like fun! can't wait to see what you got at the vintage fair.

  8. Loving the Bessie Book,can't wait for more!!!

  9. the butterfly collector4:54 PM

    bessie's beautiful book is gorgeous!

  10. thank you for the bed time story anastasia, what happened after the ocean liner thing ... i fell asleep into my mint julep!

  11. thanks for the lovely story anastasia, what happened after the ocean liner thing, i fell asleep into my mint julip!

  12. WOW! That was an incredible weekend!!!!! The journal is lovely, just lovely! I just realized you probably have an aussie accent? All this time I was imagining you with a greek one.. hee hee hee.....Oh the shoes.....Oh well.. The memory is just a good....(I am one of those american girls, talking fast and too much...)xxo, V

  13. What gorgeous pictures, and story - I can't wait to see and hear more! Clever thing, you :)

  14. i love that you loved her american accent. i always wonder what it must sound like. i wish i could have taken the class with you! it sounded fab.

  15. lots of loveliness over here - your class sounds great and the journal that came out of it looks fab!!!

  16. I adore your journal.. how fantastic !


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