April 17, 2007

This and that....
I was flicking through this month’s Real Living magazine and saw this image – a mood board turned wallpaper! how cool does that look!?
My inspiration board is tiny and most of the images have been there for ages...still, i like having it up near my computer....I move things around, always adding to it....
Nothing too exciting happening this week, had another round of root canal treatment, one more appointment to go....... but another problem came up with the discovery of a small tooth embedded in my gum!?! I feel like a freak!!!
this tooth never decided to grow so now I have to see if this tooth will affect me once I get the braces on, if so I need surgery to remove it! Cha-ching....we went from $6K bill to $8K bill after the root canal to what now looks like a $10K bill for straight teeth!!! ughhhh! off to get a CT scan on Friday - fingers crossed!!

An ATC I made last week ‘Skip to My Lou’

I also made this tea inspired collage card
for the ‘My cuppa Tea’ swap – it went out to Sally , a fellow Sydney-sider

Oh and speaking of teeth...Peter’s two front ones are wiggling, he’s not even four and half yet! He’s ever so excited about the tooth fairy though…


  1. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I love your inspiration rail, and that super cute calendar wow!
    Whilst at university, I stayed at a student accommodation with a large notice-board wall, and it was wonderful! I think I'll have to buy a large board to put in my office for all sorts of pin-ups :)
    Love your collages, your kitchen is going to be great!

  2. Love the ATC's. I'm making one now for my friend Helen with whom we spent Sunday afternoon in Dallas. Love the wall...I have ATC's and artwork and maps, etc. all over my studio. Inspiring.

  3. Anonymous6:19 AM

    i have dreams of at some point having the space to have a full inspiration wall...i think it would benefit me and my husband as it would be a place to hang up all of the postcards, ripped out magazine pages, etc. currently floating around our apartment. :)

  4. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I was so excited about the tooth fairy as a kid that I wiggled mine way too early and was toothless, until, like last year.. JUST KIDDING!!!!! I was toothless for 2 years or so, as a kid, and my parents were totally freaking out.. All that for a lousy buck from the tooth fairy.. hee hee....As for your little stray tooth....Oh, what a sweet little guy...Hiding in your gums like that...You have to ask to have it...It would only be appropriate. I love weird body things like that...Like huge long hairs curled up in little zits...and big huge zits for popping.. I know I am soooo gross...Too bad I never got to have lots of zits.. I would have had a field day...I should have been a dermatologist...I am like a monkey, picking at people....Although, some people gross me out, like, they won't even be that gross in real life, but the thought of a big juicy whitehead on them, freaks me out to death and I can't eat for a week.. Okay, not a week, like a day, okay, not a day, like an hour....Oh, and the tooth is like that part in "My Big fat Greek Wedding, where Thia Toola says, "I had dis lump, and in it they found, a spine and teeth, it was my Twween." I love it!!!! Okay, well, a hidden tooth is not that big a deal. Don't people have like 8 hidden teeth when they have impacted wisdoms???? Well, I guess I have said enough.. xxxxoooo,V

  5. I must say I like your inspiration rail better. The other one is just too much unless you live in a giant loft. I'm sorry about the dentist trips and the cost- it's always such a shock. I always just thank God that I live in a country with access to a dentist.

    Love the collages.

  6. I love your tea card and inspiration rail! The image from the magazine is fantastic - if only I had more space.... :-)

  7. I dream of a whole wall covered in cork or a big piece of wood to use for inspiration pics!!!

    wish you better with your teeth :)
    Lovely ATC!!

  8. Anonymous7:50 PM

    In my bedroom when I was younger I had a wall filled with quotes, photos of people I knew and people I didn't, lyrics and messages that I found pertinent - I love the idea of doing that, it's very inspiring.

    Beautiful ATC's :)

  9. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Goodness, that is a huge mood board that the lady in the picture has. I like yours. Like you said, it's right by your computor so you can refer to it often.

    Cherry xx

  10. 4and a half,Wow!,my poor big baby lost teeth late,in fact we're waiting till she loses enough for the straitening path(braces probably). So sorry about the teeth extraction thing,I had many teeth removed that way before my braces,not fun! Lovely Atc's

  11. I remember being excited about the tooth fairy....not so much about the dentist though! It makes me cringe to even think about it. Good luck to you!
    I love your inspiration rail. It's fun to see and so are your ATC's!

  12. Anonymous8:44 PM

    love your little inspiration board! I love the card you made that says tea! and I know you will have better luck with your teeth soon!

  13. oh anastasia... hope the dental appointment wasn't too horrible... the root canal sounds very painful! and it is amazing how fast it adds up with the bill... i am still reeling!
    lovely new collages!


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