May 10, 2007

Illustration Friday - Neighbours

Peter's so lucky to have little Christopher as our neighbour, he's a year older and they love to communicate through the fence especially on the weekend when we're all home. They come round we go over to their house, we have Barbeques in Summer, they play, they fight over toys but when its snack time they're just happy to be together.

On our other side live an elderly couple who are just as lovely. Every Tuesday after the garbage men come by they'll roll my garbage bin and my recycleables bin back inside my driveway, such a nice gesture. They have a beachside holiday home so are away alot but every now and then Maria will come over for some tea, she's so sweet and polite but when Im out putting my washing on the line I can sometimes hear her giving her husband a good telling off haha....


  1. Cute neighbours these guys are.

  2. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Is it Friday already over there? Love the snippet into your neighbours, they sound like lovely people. How wonderful :)

  3. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Neighbors. They are so interesting. We had some for a while. Then they disappeared. Then their houses got torn down. Land is highly sought after here in the hills now, so investors plowed down the houses, and are putting humungous crazy houses up. That said, I wonder who the new owners will be? What kind of neighbors I'll have....And will I be the girl in the funky hippie shack in between the two??? :) Funny. Who knew?? xxo,V
    ps: Your sone and his friend sound adorable. Isn't it cute how two little boys sharing cookies and toys can be just as cute when they are little as when they are 85. Two little boys, carrying on...Love it!!

  4. I love nice neighbors. I am going out of town next month and my neighbor already offered to walk my dog while I was gone! It's great that you have nice neighbors! Great drawing, too!

  5. So cute! It's always good to share cookies! :-)

  6. :) lovely neighbourly tales!!! We are not so lucky. Our only friends are trying to sell!!

  7. how lovely to have such good neighbors. we are so lucky where we are living too... our neighbors are wonderful! they have the most amazing garden and i am always trying to keep up! :) xo

  8. This si so sweet. Nice job, Anastasia.

  9. What a tender image this is.


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