May 29, 2007

Piles, Bundles and a Little organisation

By the end of most nights my dining room table (and the floor) is full of paper craft scraps, cut outs and I have sticky glue residue on my fingers. Last night was no exception but I have little bundles of ATCs and tags to show for it so its all worth it right?!
Some doodle ATCs for a swap, Tags for a trade with Jessica and Tea themed ATCs for another swap - I painted my paper with tea and coffee for an aged effect.
I still need to complete one more ATC for Bonnie!

Its so weird now as I just cant sit and watch TV anymore - I have to be doing something else as well otherwise its wasted time for me!!
Life is hectic enough so I don’t know why I make it worse but crafting is an outlet for me, it’s my ‘ME’ time, I just love to zone out and see what comes out of it!

A few of you have commented on where I get the time to do everything but I usually sit down to create or draw once my boys are in bed at 8.00pm, I then clear up the kitchen - if my sink is clean and clear of dirty dishes then I’m one happy girl! And off I go…
Andrew usually works on his laptop or watches TV nearby and most nights he is snoring by 9.30pm! Ha-ha poor darling!
After putting in 12hrs at the office I don’t blame him but me… well I’m a bit of a night owl…always have been. If I have my late night cup of tea and my craft goodies nearby I’m happy to stay up until very late!!
I’ve also been reading quite a bit before bedtime too – I just finished ‘The Kite Runner’ which I loved and have now passed onto my man!!! I’m now reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ which I’ve been speeding through – such a great book which suprisingly I had never ever read!!!

On the weekend I bought some great frames for my art prints - most will go in the formal living room as I plan to rearrange a few things.
Michelle Caplan collages - how handsome is 'The Italian' below....
'Tea Affair' by my good bloggy pal Vanessa and cute girls by Christina of Jam Fancy
My Sofia Barro print also arrived - its bewdifful!!!! will need proffessional framing as I cant find a frame that size!

Tomorrow Im off to the hospital for my oral surgery – Ive got my little overnight bag packed and ready to go!!
Hope it all goes Ok!!!???
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Such treasures! I love Jam Fancy too!
    Your cards are WONDERFUL!
    I know the time, its sands they are a runnin' out!I love To Kill A Mockingbird!

  2. Good luck with your oral surgery, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Love your tags and atcs, very pretty. :)

  3. oMG..i picked up the kite runner in the bookshop today..i didnt buy it tho..
    I also need to get to the framers with lots of beauties to frame...

    Wishing you lots of luck with your surgery tomorrow ..xxxx

  4. I love those little girl tags. The Kite Runner was one of our bookclub reads this year. So intriguing, isn't it? Makes you grateful for where we live. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow my friend.

  5. cruststation12:36 AM

    I love all your creativity over here, the tags are wonderful! Love the beautiful pieces of artwork you have framed, can we see your room when you put them up? Good luck with your oral surgery!

  6. love your new ATCs! beautiful. i am like you... i need to be multi-tasking :) usually if i am watching tv or a movie i am also knitting or cutting fabric or hand sewing at the same time.
    hope the surgery went well!!

  7. Little baby girl, who I adore beyond words, and I are going to bt thinking of you alot (tomorrow night especially). I LOVE her! I made Mr. Lovee kiss her and welcome her into our home. Then we shared 3 chocolates. They are delicious!!! I love my treasures! You are toooo kind! LOVE them! Love her, she sits by me now...xxxooo

  8. Hello---You had expressed interest in my vintage paper swap. I don't have your email so I decided to post here in hopes that you will see it. :) Just a reminder that the deadline to send your package is coming up---Thursday May 31st (but since you are in Austrialia, you actually have until friday). Can you email me and let me know if you are planning on sending? I want to wait for all who are sending before dividing up the loot and sending it on its way to the participants. thanks!

  9. I always end up with messes on my floor. The worst is having thread all over the place from a sewing project. I love your tags and all your artwork! I love the little girl prints, super cute! It looks like you can get Martha stuff online ( If for somereason you can't order anything, I'll run to Michaels and buy some stuff to send to you!

  10. I'm so excited for the tags! I still need your address...

    By now the dreaded O.S. is over and I hope it was not too distressing.

    Your evening scenario sounds a lot like mine although I'm often on the laptop (like now). My eyes are not working so well at night for sewing anymore.

  11. All your are is so beautiful. I love it.

    Hope the oral surgery went well.

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  13. Rodrigo7:32 PM

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  14. it's so great to carve out some time for yourself! i've been wanting to read the kite runner as well...maybe i'll start thanks to your review! the atc's look great!

  15. the butterfly collector2:48 PM

    Things at your house sound similar to mine! Everything is in boxes on the bookshelf and I pull it all out every night after Drew is in bed and cover the kitchen table, make stuff and watch tv with Trav and then back it all goes before bed!I really hope your surgery goes well and you are not in too much pain afterward!


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