August 6, 2007

The sun is out today and I just want to be outdoors to feel that warmth …im really looking forward to spring and that constant sunny freshness …

Here’s a spring birdy that came from Moline, a flickr friend….she’s now got a blog and an Etsy store with such cute stuff!

Ive been busy adding the finishing touches to my kitchen for crustation’s home project then I have to get my printed for the 13 participants. Im way past the due date – almost there now!

I also completed some more Winter ATCs for an Australian ATC swap – the deal is if you receive one then you have to send one back…ive received 11 so far and we have a month to go!!
lucky that I really enjoy making them!

And i finally won
this book on Ebay 'Foof- A- Life '….I kept getting outbidded but hooray I now have a copy…cant wait to try some of the projects

Veronica of Petunia blog has nominated me for a Rockin girl blogger – Im honoured!…im so glad she likes to come by and visit my blog!!
I love her blog too, she is such a creative girl and if we lived close by, I’m sure we’d be hanging out having tea and a girly chit chats

Here are my 5 Rockin girl bloggers…I have so many favourite blogs it was hard to chose just 5!

Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist – love this chick!! not only is she super talented, her posts are so warm and honest, she makes me smile and laugh with her fun adventrues

Lisa-Gabrielle of Jungle Dream Pagoda – Such a stylish mumma who sings , acts and shares her love of vintage goodness – her style rocks!

Paula of Simple Me – a great blogging friend who ponders about life, shares her love of ceramics and sewing, nature and her beautiful surroundings.

Pip of Meet me at mikes – each visit is a fun filled trip down memory lane - Holly Hobbie, Laverne & Shirley, vintage books and illustrations!! Fun fun! Cant wait to visit her day soon!

Cherry of Tales of Pixie Wood – another girl who would be FAB to hang around with! Her posts are always full of enthusiasm. I love how houseproud she is and she's planning a wedding so I cant wait to read more!!

So, if you were nominated, this is what you have to do: -place the badge on your blog-give credit to Robe rta (She started the rockin' blogger awards)-check out the latest list she has on her site-
then pick 5 Rockin' girls of your choice and tag them


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Congrats on your 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award, you deserve it! Love the ATC you featured here, must be lovely to have a collection from different artists. The 'Foof-A-life' book looks wonderful, can't wait to see your newly inspired projects when it arrives.

  2. I can't wait to see your kitchen project.

  3. Congrats on the award, your site, and your work, is gorgeous! Lovely ATC's!

  4. yay!! you are a rockin' girl my friend... i would love to sit and have a cup of tea with you!
    i am still desperately working on the dining room... i think e is going to have to help me with the drawing bits; my perspective is so terrible! it is looking like the alice in wonderland room :)
    the new ATCs are beautiful!

  5. Anonymous4:08 PM

    foof a life has me intrigued !!! What a strange name ! What's it all about?

  6. thanks for dropping by, I havent visited your blog for ages, life keeps getting in the way but i love what you are doing and I also love those children's books you managed to get. They are lovely.

  7. I am so honored you chose me for a rockin' girl blogger!Especially one that rocks as wonderfully as you! Thank you sweet Anastasia!

    love the ATC's

  8. you deserve this nomination you really are a rockin girl :)
    and thank you for this glad you like to come and have a look at my blog. thanks!

    for me it is always odd to think that seasons are not the same. I'm reading about cold weather and now spring when here it is hot and sunny and slowly moving towards autumn, probably my favourite season of all.


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