November 4, 2007

After the Rain.....

Finally! the sun has decided to show its face...(where have you been?)
The past 3 days have been wet, windy and we've had lots of thunder and lightening too....
today started off dark and gray but quickly changed to such a warm and pleasant day.
Look at my garden!
it reminds me of a painting during the French impressionism era....
and the culprit?

my beautiful Jacaranda tends to drive me crazy every Spring as Im constantly sweeping up purple leaves!
lucky purple is one of my favorite shades.
Yesterday I went to the
PaperCraft festival and did a workshop with
Celine Navarro who came to Sydney all the way from France! We started a mini album using a clever technique for the cover and decorating it with gorgeous paper by
Rouge de Garance,
I'll have to show you once I complete it.
I was so good afterwards as i didn't go crazy spending big at all the tempting stalls but I did buy a few sheets of pretty paper! Lookie here - love pretty papers!

Have a FAB weekend everyone - we're off for a stroll and an ice-cream at the beach - might as well enjoy this warm day!


  1. I can't wait to see the album when it is finished.

    Did you get the email I sent you last week?

  2. What fun you had. Beautiful papers. We have two of those trees. They are 3 years old and haven't bloomed yet.

  3. beautiful images after the rain...can;t wait to see the album...blessings, rebecca

  4. Hi Miss A HI!! I afriend all the way from France and paper?? And purple??? It all sounds so magical!!! xxxoxoxo

  5. cruststation6:58 PM

    Magical! The purple leaves on the ground looks stunning. Loving your beautiful paper buys especially the one with the labels and the B&W. Can't wait to see your album.

  6. Oh, memories of growing up in Sydney with jacaranda trees. We're still just getting the tip of the Monsoon season here, it will start hammering us soon.
    Those are some seriously beautiful papers there, just lovely.
    Love Posie

  7. Thats so magical,that that tree rains purple petals!

  8. What a beautiful tree. Your purple blanket of leaves is lovely! I'd leave it! :-)

  9. your jacaranda is so pretty... so magical to have a carpet of violet leaves :)

  10. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Love everything elegant! Still mastering soldering!


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