November 13, 2007

Getting Ready....

I think Im in life is going along nicely in my usual routine but all around me little signs of the festive season are starting to emerge...yesterday I had the pleasure of a day off work and after a doctors appointment and a yearly check up (ive been feeling very lethargic lately....poor me!) I headed off to the was Monday so I expected a pleasant couple of hours browsing, observing, ohhhing and ahhing over pretty things but it was busy busy busy.... hectic, tiring!!
People everywhere....on a Monday!!! surely they weren't doing Christmas shopping?
i know I know its just 6 weeks away...I always think Ive got plenty of time ahead but before I know it Im frantically baking mince pies, decorating the house and making sure I have carrots out for the reindeers....
This year I made the pledge to buy Handmade but I must admit Im only going to buy for those that appreciate it.....Etsy will be my saviour!
Not only is Christmas almost here, I have both my boys birthday's coming up, my nieces birthday and 10 days before Christmas day my sister and I are hosting a 60th birthday bash for my dad so thats planning dinner and a wild party for 50 guests....did I say I was lethargic?! Crazy is more like it....

Some pretty Christmas pictures to inspire - from Real Living magazine....


  1. WOW, and I thought I had a lot on my plate:) Like your idea of buying Handmade.....but like you, it is only fun when the recipient appreciates it:D

  2. oh my goodness yes... last night e and i went for a walk and were in shock to see christmas lights and decorations up in the shops! it feels SO far away but i guess it is really right around the corner in terms of time to make gifts :) i think this year will be very much about etsy...

  3. cruststation1:41 AM

    Oh yes, people are Christmas shopping did we arrive so quickly to the end of the year? Would love to see some of your etsy recommendations when you begin shopping. Hope we all get some much needed energy burst to do the things that needs doing this time of year.

  4. I just noticed today that the Christmas lights are up here in France as well! This is a beautiful blog entry, Anastasia.

  5. Christmas is almost here ...I love the idea of buying something handmade and personal !!

  6. the butterfly collector11:37 AM

    oh wow, you have so much to do! I am buying handmade too this year and lots of books too! Sounds like it will all be fun though!

  7. Tis the season! Time sure does fly. Hope it revs you with your needed fuel dear. Mmmm, pies and decorations, it sounds so warm and spicey at your house. Good luck with the birthday parties.

  8. i love that picture of the purple chair! such a pretty scene!

  9. What a beautiful blog post!!!! Christmas is coming at racinf speeds isn't it??? It is almost scarey!!!!!

    Oh, I hope you are only overworked(kids, crafting working, family...) which is why you feel lethargic. I am sure that is that case xxxxxoooooo

    I have already bought most of my gifts (from Etsy of course)

  10. I feel for you not feeling with it - take some time, even though it's sparse, and just have a pamper session. Make sure you eat well, lots of vegetables and iron - and a good night's sleep.

    As you know I can't get enough of Christmas but it's still a drain planning all the presents/ meal etc. We're having 3 lots of guests, one every weekend in December for the 3 weeks before the big day - manic or what!

    Good luck with planning the bash, at least you've got someone to share your ideas with. I am guessing it'll be *the* bash of the season!

  11. Eeeks!! I can't believe how close it is either!!!

    Love the pics with all the prettiness!

  12. X-mas is barreling towards us!!! I am trying to buy some handmade too.
    It already feels like the Fall has been a blur.

  13. Oh Anastasia - you sound like you have alot to do in the next few weeks!! Isn't it such a crazy time of year. I hope you have a lovely break planned for after Christmas!! It really has come around very quickly this year!! I love the Real Living Chrissie pics!!

  14. love these images! Please wrap everything up and put them under the tree with my name on them :)


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