January 1, 2010

About Me!

Hello, I'm Anastasia from Sydney, Australia.
Welcome to my blog,
'Anastasia Drawing & Dreaming', a place where I share my inspirations, creative people, beautiful interiors, wonderful crafts, some of my drawings and lovely bits of handmade.

I'm a mum to two very active boys and wife to a supportive husband.  Life can get crazy busy but I make sure my family comes first!
I work part time in Finance so on my days off I walk my boys to school (love that!) get back home and make sure I spend my day creatively.
I love to paper craft and I’m most happy creating and making paper goods for my Etsy shop 'Percival Road Designs'.

I also enjoy crocheting, illustrating especially fashion illustration and I collect vintage children’s books -  the illustrations are SO darling!
You’ll also find me in my kitchen a lot!  cooking & baking (...my cookbook collection is getting a little out of hand!)
I love flea markets and cozy cafes, rice pudding and lots of honey in my tea!

I do hope you'll stop by often!

Favorite Colour: Purple 
Favorite Animal: Giraffe 
Tea or Coffee: Tea in the morning (and night) and Coffee during the day
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Accessory:  my engagement and wedding rings
Favorite Flower: Gardenia
Morning or Night: Trying very hard to become a morning person- I get more done!
Inspired by: Creative people
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite City: London, New York and Sydney


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Then I clicked on About Me, to write this comment, and was delighted to find you are an Aussie as well. SO much inspiration here. Love it :) Will go and add you on FB and Twitter. Look out for Twilight Creative :)

    Excuse my blog, it's currently in progress

    Have a great day,

  2. hi , I am glad to follow your blog actually it's very arty:)
    I invite you to my blog, I just started but get enjoy.!
    if you like , I would like to follow
    thanks and best




Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment!! i really appreciate it!

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