January 1, 2008

Happy New Year....and 37 today!!!

Here's to a wonderful year ahead to everyone!
and another celebration - its my Birthday!
Im 37 today!!!
I cant wait to see what the year has stored for me!

We had a nice quiet day at the beach today after a late late night with friends waiting for the New Year to come in. Its so nice to feel the whole world wanting to celebrate with me heehee....
Last year I made myself a birthday banner, this year I didnt do anything, I didnt even bake a birthday cake so I'll leave you with a list (because I love writing lists!) of 37 favourite movies

The Breakfast Club
Pulp Fiction
Run Lola Run
City of God
Ferris Bueller's Day off
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Saturday Night Fever
Bridget Jone's Diary
To Kill a Mockingbird
Life is Beautiful
Pillow Talk
Witches of EAstwick
Pan's Labyrinth
Lock Stock and Two smoking barrels
Lost In Translation
The Green Mile
Moulin Rouge
Monsoon Wedding
House of Fog
Love Actually
The Wizard of Oz
All about my mother
The Hours
Little Miss Sunshine
Nine Queens
As good as it gets
Sound of Music
Dangerous Liasons
Devil Wears Prada
Risky Business


  1. Double happiness to you Anastasia! {what a fantastic day to have a birthday :)} May 2008 bring you lots and lots of love, joy and happiness :)

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Happy 37th Birthday my dear friend. Hope 2008 brings you many happy times.xxx

  3. Happy Birthday you young thing you!

  4. w Year and happy birthday!!!
    I love run Lola Run

  5. Wishing you a special and wonderful 2008 ! Oh and not forgetting to say have a very happy birthday ~ love Julia x (I love the tarantino film True Romance, it's fantastic.)

  6. Ohhh I hope you have a wonderful birthday! And New year! xox

    I love Crash, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Life is Beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday and New Year to you. All the best wishes!
    How wonderful to have the whole world celebrate with you on your Bday, got to feel special!

  8. happy happy birthday...may the spirit of a new year fill your home with an abundance of love, laughter, and joy...may the magic of the moment bring peace to your heart all year long...may your creativity take you to amazing places and may you experience the resulting bliss...much love you and your family...rebecca

  9. Happy Birthday Dearie!

    Allison x

  10. a new years birthday!! yay!! happy happy birthday and a very happy New Year to you!! xx

  11. Happy, happy birthday Anastasia!

  12. Happy Bday Anastasia! Hope the day brought much happiness and joy...best wishes!

  13. Happy Birthday lovely lady!
    And may this year bring you many more wonderful memories.

    If ever you want to watch a film together let me know nearly every one on your list I would mark as a favorite too!

  14. happy birthday, dear anastasia!!!!!!!!
    i love almost all of those movies! {i haven't seen the other ones}.
    i hope 2008 brings you lots of laughter and joy! {and maybe a trip to crazy vegas?} looking forward to visit you this year. thank you for all the inspiration and beauty you shared in 2007.

  15. Happy Birthday!! I share 19 of the same favorite movies with you!! Hope you have a wonderful year full of happiness and all the goodness in the world!

  16. Happy happy belated birthday Anastasia - so sorry i miss it!!!
    And wishing you a wonderful new year - full of happiness and health!!

    What a list!
    Enjoy your decorating - how fun! xx

  17. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Happy Birthday to you and a happy new year to you and your family.

  18. PS I've tagged you for a Thinking Blogger's Award!

  19. happy bday love! I'm coming up right behind you to 37 in April.

    I don't think that I even like 37 movies! I'll have to scan your list.

    And happy new year. What a great birthday!

  20. Anastasia,

    I'm a bit late but nonethe less wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday, may your year be filled with much joy and laughter.Cheers!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope it was wonderful. I hope the new new year is wonderful for you too! Full of lots of great things. Great list of movies. You've got me thinking about my faves. My 36th is coming up soon, so you my see a list from me too. Have a wonderful vacation on the beach!!

  22. oh my goodness! happy belated birthday my friend!! hope it was a *wonderful* day! and a very happy belated new year as well :) best wishes for a magical year! xox


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