March 28, 2008

Illustration friday - Pet Peeves

i thought Id post this before the topic changes in an hour or Pet Peeve - mobile phones (cell phones)

i know i know...they are the norm and life has changed and we wonder what we did without them but really people do we need to be contactable ALL the time? do we really need to text or check our messages like every minute or so....oh and dont forget having to avoid people who are walking and talking and clueless about the world around them....and those nasty ringtones....

OK im off to bed now....


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

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  2. :-) You just wait until those beautiful little lads of yours get to be more independent. You will love mobiles as a way of knowing where they are.

    I love your drawing.

  3. how true !! great illustration.

  4. Anastacia...I have a phone that does nothing, apart from calls.. i also got thrown into my swimming pool with it last summer so it does the dying swan at least once a day but I am keeping it, it's vintage baby xx

  5. Great drawing, it looks like one of the Olsen twins.
    I don't have a cell phone. I think I am the last human on the planet without one :)

  6. Sooo true! Remember the days when they didn't exist? We got along OK then. :-) Great drawing!

  7. LOL! You say it Sister! I work in retail and I get so peeved at people, who cannot take two seconds to intereact with the person IN FRONT OF THEM. Sigh. Oh well. Great illustration too and thanks for the info on the ME mags...I'm going to go pull it right now.


  8. Anonymous11:38 PM

    This is a beautiful drawing, I agree with you about mobile phones...(the handsfree kit is particularly annoying, and we do not want to hear people's conversations on public transport, thanks).

  9. I agree with you whole heartedly!! I work in a bank (manager), you would not believe the amt of people that come into see me but can't get off the phone long enough. "excuse me just a second...." and the line begins to grow!! The bluetooth wireless is another one of my pet peeves. How anyone could stand a phone in their ear is beyond me. That would drive me nutz!!

    Love your drawing!! It does remind me of one of the Olsen twins as Tascha said!


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