March 26, 2008


This dark and moody picture of the Wicked Queen in 'Snow White' a Fairy Tale layout in Australian Bazaar magazine
totaly inspired these two black and white pages in my clippings book....i did these on Sunday night whilst watching 'Jane Austen Book Club' on DVD...

I love black...i have a lot of black clothing and Im constantly hearing my mother telling me to wear more colour...(she also tells me (nags me) to wear more makeup, be more tidy and to eat better haha....
Do you think a black dress is suitable to wear to an evening wedding? We got an invitation in the mail the other day - i love weddings!!
such wonderful and happy just wondering what to wear now......


  1. Oh how I adore your black inspired collages. They look beautiful!

    It makes me want to make one myself =)

    Hmm...I think you can still wear black to a wedding, also because it's an evening wedding. I love black as well especially dresses. So in my opinion I would go for it =)

  2. I forgot to say that I think you definitely should open an etsy. I love your paper crafts and other things =)

  3. Lovely clippings pages! I like the first one the best. Great job!

  4. I thing a black evening dress is fine for a wedding but then again people here wear jeans to weddings!!

    Yes, we have the same dust storms over here right now! xx

  5. How wonderful do your collage pages look! Very well done!

  6. First of all:Black is the best!I too wear a lot of black even in the summer I am not tempted to other colours.My mom told me to stop wearing it too when I grew up and it never happened.I would have chosen a black wedding dress but 21 years ago that would have been an outrage.But I think there is nothing better more stylish and elegant then black so indulge!xoxo

  7. PS LOVE the artwork!

  8. Yes! Wear black.

    Your work is amazing as per the usual!

  9. Love the collage pages and yes, I think black, especially for an evening wedding is perfectly suitable.


  10. i love all those pages! and i am with you about black, maybe because i am from a big city...i don't know.
    i like the black suit idea, you can add some colour with an accessory.

  11. Your collages are lovely! and black is great to wear to an evening wedding. Thanks for the jersey tip, I'll give it a go but think my machine is just being a git!

  12. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Oh I hear you! I have so much black in my wardrobe too...and about that wedding (I've been invited to 2 this month), what to wear? loving your collage pages.


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