March 24, 2008

Italian Grandeur...
Following up with inspiration images....
I love everything about these two pages which were featured in (USA) Vogue - this beautiful home is in Sicily, Italy, a place id love to visit one day.
The warm and earthy texture of the natural stone walls combined with the neutral
colours create such grand beauty, dont you think?
The gardens look beautiful and the views spectacular!!
a home for generations to come!
* you can click on images to get a bigger and more detailed view*


  1. everything is absolutely beautiful in these pages. and that little girl, did you see her eyes, her dress?
    love it.
    i hope you have a wonderful week, a!

  2. I'm in love...what a gorgeous property. Love the furnishings as well--my dream look!

  3. lots of lovey images here!! i could spend hours looking at more like these - so inspirational.


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