April 18, 2008

Friday is here already....

how fast has the week gone - its been an enjoyable one...tiring but fun! Ive limited the cartoon watching but instead we've been reading, cooking and dancing to music & to cute songs like this about a British girl and an american boy.... the other day Neo went to preschool and so Peter and I got to spend the day together...i really enjoy spending one on one time with my boys - i think its great for them and they seem to love having my sole attention, my boys personalities are so different - the little one is expressive, loud, very affectionate but my Peter is much more reserved, he's quiet but curious, a little weary sometimes and often needs encouraging but he's got a great sense of humour and a deep belly laugh....they grow up so fast...

So we headed down to the city catching a train instead of driving which is a treat in itself...so after a cappucino stop we went to the Maritime museum for a great exhibition 'Bateaux Jouets - Toy Boats from Paris (1850-1950)'
such amazing toys, ephemera and vintage photographs of children playing with their sailing boats in Paris' gardens
another good one (well for me)
was Summers Past : Golden Days in the Sun
beautiful vintage photos from Australian beaches
both exhibits were free - who gets anything for free these days?? a nice suprise....
its raining today so we're stuck indoors but here's to a wonderful weekend for all of us!!!


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    i wish it was friday here! soon, soon...
    i look forward to hearing about your house-hunting! we'll have to compare notes.

  2. how lovely that you could spend some special time with him.It gives them an opportunity to shine to spend one on one time with mum doesn't it? The maritime museum excursion sounds excellent- and the train ride a real bonus.

  3. And a wonderful weekend to you too - it sounds like you already had a pretty good week!

  4. love to read about your day with little peter, such a wonderful time!
    you are such a prolific blogger! love coming here, a!

  5. how fabulous is that umbrella photo? love it... back in the days before sunscreen! :)
    and so glad you got to have a good one-on-one day with peter... sounds like so much fun! xox

  6. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Those bottom two beach images make me so wistful--not just for the era, with those cute, modest swimsuits, but for some *sunshine*


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